About B. J. Eakin

B. J. Eakin

Me: Benjamin 'BJ' Eakin
From: Ft Worth, TX

My Bio:
I have never been in a band myself and would have trouble if I were
because I do not play anything.  I listen to music for pure enjoyment.
Personally I listen to a wide range of genres and do not stick to one
although I am not that keen on country or screamer bands.  I like to
keep an open mind at least.  It is important to me that musicians
create art and I hate canned/over-produced music.  Therefore I try to stay away from the radio for the most part but will venture there
occasionally to please the wife.  Most of the time I will be listening to indie bands.

I am married and have one daughter and two dogs.  I am involved in my community and church and try to mentor lots of college-aged kids.  I have a Master's in Education and I enjoy teaching and getting involved with students.  I love my life.

If you do not understand something in my reviews then it is most likely was a horrible joke... forgive me, I have a corny sense of humor and do not take things seriously that often.

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