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Cole Watkins - Cole The Slaw

Me: Cole Watkins
From: North Richland Hills, TX

My Bio: I've been following local bands since middle school as well as writing music and playing in local bands since high school. The latest of which was a band called Modico who played around the D/FW Metroplex as well as East Coast for a little over four years. I lived in a house with the band for two of those four years, constantly working on our craft and sharing our diverse influences in music with each other. Over those years I honed my ear for music whilst playing gigs with countless bands, making some great friends along the way. In addition, I've always had a knack for expressing my thoughts and experiences on paper, through blogs and a few scattered review sites. I usually have my ear tuned to some of the overlooked, under appreciated and brand new local bands. I have a love for rock in many forms as well as folk, pop, rap and R&B. I tend to have a comical/jolly attitude towards things and that definitely comes out in my writing.

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