About Nathan Garcia

I think it started with Thriller. Yep, I'm pretty sure.  I couldn't stop spinning that record. I had just proved I was mature enough to run the record player in the dining room.  I spent hours and hours listening to The Eagles, The Oak Ridge Boys, Air Supply (ok, a little less Air Supply), the Footloose Soundtrack... I was surrounded by music and encouraged to immerse myself in it.  My dad played his guitar around town and around the house all the time, and when I showed interest in playing, he taught me my first 3 chords, aquired my first drumset and when I began playing regularly later on in life, he made time to come to shows and support what I loved.  I have been fortunate enough to be involved with playing music almost non-stop since 1989.  Today, I still listen to a ton of music, mostly heavier stuff, but those who know me know my weakness for Yes, or Rush. I love talking about music, making music, playing music, recording music, the music business... you get the point, so this should be a great venue to share some opinions and observations on music. Perhaps a discussion on the subject of Thriller?

Personal Stuff: 33, Married, 2 kids, Full Time Radio.TV.Film student, I have a small business building guitar effect pedals, Superpuma Small-Time Circuitry