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The Killers - Day & Age
A-Ha - Foot of the Mountain
Stryper - Murder By Pride

New Releases

Stryper - Second ComingStryper - Second Coming

I was cringing, but as I cranked my monitors up - my jaw proceeded to fall through the floor...

Mêlée - The MasqueradeMêlée - The Masquerade

I think your going to like The Masquerade. Mêlée is quickly becoming one of my favorites....

Maroon 5 - Hands All OverMaroon 5 - Hands All Over

Same decent music, same lame lyrical content, new freaky album cover....

The 88 - The 88The 88 - The 88

We 'Like' The 88 and that's a good thing since their new album, The 88 is here....

Brandon Flowers - FlamingoBrandon Flowers - Flamingo

Killers deemed irrelevant by Flower Power? Brandon Flowers debut out now....

Weezer - HurleyWeezer - Hurley

Weezer is back to the grind with their new disc named after the lovable character from Lost....

Robert Plant - Band of JoyRobert Plant - Band of Joy

The hard-working Zeplin singer takes it down a notch on Band of Joy...

Chromeo - Business CasualChromeo - Business Casual

With Obama as their middle-man, Chromeo's Business Casual is set to polarize....

Music Tech

Crosley Revolution CR6002A Crosley 'Walkman' Turntable

Crosley's best known for their classic-looking radios, but this new record player just might get you dustin' off your collection...

Apple iPhone 4G iPod Nano Watch

It's time to put away that tired Casio G-Shock you've been wearing, and step up to something a bit more Apple...

Paper Jamz Paper Jamz

WowWee's Paper Jamz will make you the 'instant rockstar' you always wanted to be...

iTunes 10 iTunes 10

iTunes 10 includes new "Ping" feature social music networking, threatening FaceBook and other outlets.

Omega Pearl Rock Band Drums Rock Band = B.Y.O.K.

Ready to upgrade from the stock, plastic Rock Band drum set to something a little more real? OmegaMusicTechnology just might have the answer ...

ELP Laser Turntable Record Player ELP Laser Turntable

Um yea, laser as in CD-type tech that does away with the ol' arm & needle arrangement you've been sportin' for a bit too long...

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Music Reviews

Mêlée - The Masquerade Mêlée - The Masquerade

The Masquerade is a very upbeat album yet has the core of a lyricist yearning to break through. You can hear sounds from Tony Basil to Hall & Oats to Keane to nothing but Mêlée mixed in a rather decent manner with thoughtful, timely lyrics. The Masquerade is somewhat more electronic than their previous efforts, Devils & Angels and Everyday Behavior and that may be due to the constant change of drummers...{more Mêlée}

Seabird - Til We See the Shore Seabird - Til We See the Shore

Seabird is an alternative rock band from Cincinnati Ohio. Seabird was singed to EMI in 2005 after their EP landed them a personal showcase with EMI reps. A year and a new record company later, (Credential Recordings) Seabird have begun working on a full length album and they've released an EP that would tease the upcoming CR debut album, Til We See The Shore...{more Seabird}

Forgive Durden - Razia's ShadowForgive Durden - Razia's Shadow

I know that this has been out for a while, however most all of my music savvy friends say that they have never heard of this. Therefore I would like to show this to you just in case you missed it last October. It is the second album from Forgive Durden but it is really different from most things bands put out there. Over the course of the year this has become one of my favorite albums....  {more Forgive Durden}

Fanfarlo - ReservoirFanfarlo - Reservoir

The UK's Fanfarlo's first full-length LP, Reservoir is perhaps the best disc to land this year by a relatively unknown, unsigned, visionary sextet. At the very least, it is a hidden gem sure to add a shine to your heart and for the price, is not to be missed.

Recalling Baudelaire's novella La Fanfarlo, from which their name is derived, Fanfarlo is setting themselves up to be the example of romantic irony the music world needs right now... {more Fanfarlo}

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