Aaron Wagner - Paint Me A Picture

by Charles Willis on Dec 11, 2008 at 1:07 PM
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Aaron Wagner

Aaron Wagner has given a fresh perspective to Christian music. His lyrics are simple while adding depth to the soul. The best thing about this album is the music. The music of Wagner and the boys is so refreshing. I mean, I just feel like I can see hope through my blurred goggles I wear some days.

This album starts off with a song,"Gotta Be More", that leaves us wanting more, not just more of his music, but more out of life. This is a song we will can listen to when we get bogged down on how horribly selfish this world is. Sometimes we need to be reminded that there is more to this then what we see,feel,taste, hear or even go through. Aaron does a great job Painting a picture of hope in the song "Gotta Be More". But wait there is more to this album then just the first song.

The song " The one with the sunrise", does a great job reminding us how beautiful and simple love is suppose to be. We get lost in the commercial idea of love but when love was created it was suppose to be simple, simple like the sunset.

I feel this album is a must for anyone, christian or non-christian cause it really is great food for the soul

Paint Me A Picture (2008)

1. Gotta Be More
2. Paint Me A Picture
3. From The Dawn
4. Hear From You
5. When We Dance
6. The One With The Sunrise
7. Glory Be My Song
8. Until The Morning Comes
9. Calling Out
10. Name For The Healing





2 R&R Engage comments to “Aaron Wagner - Paint Me A Picture”

  1. Irish Pirate Says:
    OMG I love you so much!!! But I can't find your music anywhere and I REALLY want Paint Me a Picture (the song).....
  2. Matthew C. Miller Says:
    "Paint Me a Picture" is available on iTunes as is the rest of Aaron Wagner's music.


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