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by Justin Kouba on Dec 30, 2008 at 10:18 AM
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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not usually drawn to female singers of any genre or generation, but I've had to make a huge exception for ADELE. It's not that I'm sexist or prejudice against female singers; it's just that being a guy I usually relate more to the male perspective in songs. With that in mind, I have no trouble highly recommending ADELE to anyone who enjoys good soulful, reflective music. Although this album has been out since mid-June and her songs have made several appearances along side several television shows as well as a musical guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, ADELE is still not enjoying the main stream success that many of her contemporaries (Duffy, Joss Stone). Still her talent is undeniable with her ability to paint soul-piercing images with her voice as it perfectly glides along with the jazzy style piano. "Hometown Glory" stands out among many great songs on the album, with "Chasing Pavements", "Right as Rain", and the cover "To Make You Feel My Love" following closely behind it. She is a young import from London who is fast, not quickly enough for me, becoming a mainstay in female soulful genre. She has a bright future in front of her as long as she doesn't fall into the trap of becoming something she is not to please the fickle American audiences.

ADELE - 19

Hometown Glory Video


Track Listing

1. Daydreamer 
2. Best for Last 
3. Chasing Pavements 
4. Cold Shoulder 
5. Crazy for You 
6. Melt My Heart to Stone 
7. First Love 
8. Right as Rain 
9. Make You Feel My Love 
10. My Shame 
11. Tired 
12. Hometown Glory 

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  1. Kelly Says:
    I looooved her SNL performance. She just made singing look so easy, you know? Such a change from the American Idol artists who look like they're going to cry blood every time they perform, I was delighted to see Adele's calm, confident stage presence while performing magnificently.

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