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by Cole Watkins on Jul 21, 2009 at 6:52 AM
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Air Review


It's time for a local tip of the hat (for those of you in the Dallas/Fortworth area)

The band is called Air Review, and in my humble opinion they will be making some huge noise in the near future, if not on the national music scene, the Texas music scene for sure...But, I wouldn't put it past these fellas to break big with little effort.

So far They've only played a handful of shows and are turning heads all around Dallas

Their official debut was at the Curtain Club a little over two months ago playing to a packed house on their first show. Not long after they sold out the House Of Blues on June 5th for their SECOND SHOW.

"Why?" you might ask. Because they're all musical veterans and they all know exactly what they're doing, with amazingly catchy songs, spot-on drums, lively bass riffs, punchy-aggressive duel guitars AND harmonies..Not to mention the lead singer belts awesomely ranged and clear vocals as if he could out-sing Bono in his sleep. That's just one man's opinion. Check them out for yourselves.

And be on the lookout for their Debut Album: Landmarks. I have had the pleasure of hearing the full length album and it is all killer, folks. The product of total creative control by the band, Landmarks was entirely recorded and produced by Air Review themselves.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: I can't speak for their individual influences, but I would liken their style to Remy Zero meets a tinge of OK Computer era Radiohead, a pinch of Muse and a punch of a few other amazing bands, and you know what? Just go give them a listen



Air Review "Chasing Corporate" - Video



Air Review is:

Doug Hale
Jeff Taylor
Hank Bentley
Richard Carpenter
Justin Robinson


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