Amazon Tribe - Songs for Survival

by Matthew C. Miller on Oct 20, 2008 at 5:49 AM
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Amazon Tribe Songs For Survival ColdPlay A-Ha Mew

Bruce Parry's breathtaking documentary on BBC is an unprecedented look into the culture of the Amazon inhabitants. Bruce Parry has spent years immersing himself in some of the world's most remote tribal cultures. His first hand experience of the threats so many tribal people face to their very survival lay behind his determination to help them. Hopefully the BBC will see fit to release this west of the U.K. sometime soon.

The soundtrack to the documentary, Amazon Tribe: Songs for Survival features such artists as Will.I.Am, Jason Mraz, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), and  KT Tunstall, to name a few. Each spending considerable time crafting songs that are sensitive to the people of the Amazon while at the same time gently nudging awareness of the tribes struggle for survival with artistic styles ranging from Ago-go-pop to folk to native-infused hip-hop. Listening to this album, you can envision yourself drifting along the banks of the native people's homeland in the kind of solitude that is quite hard to find and quickly disappearing in this modern world. This soundtrack is perfect for a quiet time of reflection and is the kind of thing you might hear playing during your visit to Whole Foods. Take a moment out to visit  Bruce Perry's Amazon Homepage and learn more about this amazing journey.

Ferreting, Apparatjik's first entry is featured on the soundtrack Amazon Tribe

The album, 'Amazon Tribe: Songs For Survival', was released September 14, 2008.


Apparatjik - 'Ferreting'
Dawn Kinnard - 'Love Is My New Drug'
Will. i. Am feat The Babongo Tribe - 'One People'
KT Tunstall - 'The Hidden Part'
Jason Mraz And Brett Dennen - 'Long Road To Forgiveness'
Jeremy Warmsley And Mystery Jets - 'Grains Of Sand'
Johnny Borrell - 'Carrikfergus'
Tom Baxter - 'Make A Stand'
Skin And Robot Club feat Adi Tribe - 'Simmer Down'
Yusuf Islam - 'Edge Of Existence'
Hot Chip feat The Babongo Tribe - 'Babongo Tribe Remix'
Adam Freeland feat The Suri Tribe - 'KIN'
Hybrid feat The Suri Tribe - 'Komuru'
The Egg feat the Anuta And Babongo Tribes - 'Trails And Tribulations'
The Go! Team feat The Babongo Tribe - 'Templates From Home'
The Ruby Suns feat. The Penan Tribe - 'Don't Touch The Dusty Fruit'
Blue States feat Adi tribe - 'Hello Kombai'
Way Out West feat The Suri Tribe - 'Evalina'
Roger Sanchez feat The Adi Tribe - 'Noneya'
Mike Oldfield feat The Anuta Tribe - 'Song For Survival'

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