Amerian Idol Recap

by Charles Willis on Jan 27, 2010 at 4:49 PM
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Sorry for not writing my recap from american idol from last week. So I will start this week's recap with some peeps to keep your eyes on during the hollywood week.

Chicago: Guest Judge Shania Twain.

Katelyn Epperly, 19 year old cute as could be, has star appeal and that is why she was given a golden ticket to hollywood.

Charity Vance, 16 year old, impressed all the judges so much they are letting her go through to hollywood. I am nots sure if she will win, but she will go far in the competition.

John Park, the eye candy of the night for shania, goes to hollywood.


Orlando: Kristen Chenoweth

Seth Rollins, 28 year old of two, chose someone to watch over me for his audition piece. Although he did not have any life, his voice was amazing. I believe Seth will find the life for his performance while his is hollywood.

Jermaine Purifoy, was back for a second time to win a trip to hollywood and this time he did enough. He took what they said last time and worked his voice out. Good Luck Jermaine

Jay stone, a blake lewis clone, thinks he has something different to offer. He must not of watched blake lewis on season 6. Well the judges saw enough of a good thing to let him through to hollywood, but I don't think he will make out of there.

Shelby Pressel, Forgot the lyrics during her time in the audition, but was able to get 4 yeses to send her to hollywood. Did I  mention her right side of her face is paralyzed? well, it was and she could still sing. I am rooting for shelby.

Bernadette and Amanda Desimone, twins. Otherwise known as Sister in blue, Bernadette, and Sister in yellow, Amanda. Well Simon was all about Bernadette and her rendition of 'Hit The Road Jack" and didn't like Amanda's version of whitney houston, but amazingly enough they got through. I bet they will be split up in hollywood. 

Ok there was a look at some peeps to watch from chicago and orlando, now on to LA


LA: Avril Lavigne and Katie Perry 

First things first I wasnt a big fan of Katie perry as a judge.

Day 1 -Avril

Neil Goldstein, 19 with an IQ of 160+, did not exercise his intelligence because he audition for american idol. He was awful and the poor guy really thinks he is a good singer. 

Jim ranger, a worship pastor in LA, chose to do an original tune for his audition. Typically doing an original song is hard to impress judges with but he was able to do it with his raspy voice and passion. Well, he did it write because he is on to hollywood

Jayson Wilson - Wow, really !!!????

Damien LeFavor, the ninja sandwich make who will continue on making sandwiches because he did not make it to hollywood.

Mary Powers daughter predicted that her mom will make it to the top 14 and well it is coming true so far. She impressed the judges with her tribute to pat benetar.

well day 1 ended with an adam lambert , A.J. Mendoza,  clone who unfortunately is not going to be following his idol's footsteps.

Day 2 - Katie Perry

Andrew Garcia is hollywood bound with his great voice and great personality

Tasha Layton stole the night for me with her joss stone song. Her voice was quite stunning. I hope she doesn't disappoint me in hollywood.

Last but not least was Chris Golightly, who has been 25 different homes since he was 18 months old, blew me away. He will be in the final 10. His voice was very soothing and pleasing. He will need to work on his look, but he has the voice. Hollywood bound, I will be keeping my eye on him.





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