by Charles Willis on Jan 16, 2010 at 1:06 PM
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One of TV's most popular reality show is back for another round of auditions. Yep, Amercian Idol started last week and it didn't take long for the judges to get in their groove. The first stop in this seasons ,many auditions, was in one of  america's most historical cities, Boston Massachuetts. As expected there were plenty of people that showed up to only have their dreams start or end by the decisions of four judges. The guest judge for Boston was none other than Victoria Adams or Mrs. Beckham. Well, you also might remember her as one of the spice girls, Posh Spice. She tend to be more like paula, very nice and sweet with an occasionally no coming out of her mouth. Boston was long two days with Kara, telling a contestant that she was angry at him, who I don't even like. during one audition SImon gets up and decides to take a break, but overall there was some talent in boston. This episode brought 2 16 year olds , Katie Stevens & Maddy Curtis, who just knocked it out with their big voices and heartwarming family stories. The two guys that really left and impression on the judges and I bet america would be Tyler and justin. Once it was all done, 32 made it from boston. 


Katie Stevens


Maddy Curtis


Tyler Grady


Justin williams

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