American Idol Recap - Dallas

by Charles Willis on Feb 2, 2010 at 7:04 AM
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Well american Idol visited the Big D last week in hopes to find the next american idol. All three judges plus guest judges Neil Patrick Harris and Joe jonas were there to help pick out the talent.

The bad

Julie Kevelington - I will call her sparkle mess. With this being her second time around you would of hoped she grew in her talent, but that just didnt happen. Simply Annoying. One word to the producers, dont let her back in.

Dexter Ward - Had a winking problem. I guess figured if he flatterd the judges with his blinking they would over look the fact he could not sing. REALLY? he was horrible. I don't think a natural diaster could of coverd up his singing.

Vanessa, The Pink Bandit -All I can say is just stop. Stop. Stop.


The Good-

Megan Wright had a great voice and she will make her brother proud as she moves on to hollywood.

lloyod Thomas, Mr. Positive, sang a stevie wonder song and he nailed it. Look for hom to make it out of hollywood week.

Kimberley york from denton sings an orginal song that caused a mutany with the judges, but at the end of the day she heading to hollywood.

Erika Ricon, the whip lady, is the only one that made it to hollywood from dallas that I disagreed with. She was loud, annoying and way to over the top for me. Her place is singing for a lounge act. She will not make it through hollywood.

Todderick Hall wrote a fun song that he sang during his audtion. Even though simon said it was cute he still made it to hollywood.

Dave Pittman, My favorite from the dallas audtions, had an impressive voice. Look for him to go far in the competition even with his terrets.

That was a look at some of the bad and the good from dallas week. We are on now on our way to the mile high city.


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