American Idol Recap - Denver

by Charles Willis on Feb 4, 2010 at 11:58 AM
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The last stop for audtions was Denver, the mile high city. We were blessed to have Posh, Mrs. Beckham, as the guest judge again. The one thing that stood out in my mind about this audition were how many yes were given out. All I can say is that Denever brought it. I quite certain we will see 1 or 2 in the top ten from the denver auditions.  Here are a few to keep your eyes on through out hollywood week.

Mark Labriola was first up to audition. He claimed to be a Jack Black look a like but I didnt see it. Mark showed up to sing Squeez's tempted and by the time he finished he won a trip to hollywood and he set the standard high for the next two days.  look for him to go far.

Kimberly Kerbow, A single mother who was really beautiful, came in hoping to start her dream. She had a look to be a pop queen but her voice was just average, During her audition when the song "the way I am " got to the lyrics about rogaine she mentioned she would buy some for simeon. Hmm? anyways She could last awhile if she makes it through hollywood.

Another mom, who hoped to change her stars was Danelle Hayes. " I am tired of hosting Kareokee nights and singing corporate gigs" she said right before she sung a Melissa Ethridge song. I really think she was possed by melissa because we she open her mouth she sounded just like her. Weird, I know. Honestly she yelled alot during her audition and the judges liked it. She better find a way to balance the yelling and the singing when she is in hollywood.

Casey James, from Ft Worth Texas, drove to denver to give his dream a go. Casey impressed everyone except for simon. The ladies liked home so much they got him to take off his shirt. Unfortunately, that will not help in hollywood. hopefully between now and then he found his special mojo to help him get through hollywood week.

Denver was a very successful trip for american idol. Now, the show begins. Hollywood. Ellen. Singing in Groups. We are officially on our way to finding the next american Idol. 


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