Believer - Focused Lethality

by Matthew C. Miller on Feb 14, 2009 at 11:17 PM
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Long anticipated release, Gabriel, the fourth full-length from visionary metal makers Believer is due March 17th.

And to tide you over until then, Beliver have blessed us with a new track and a video documenting the making of Gabriel's cover.

Entitled "Focused Lethality", the new track is 3 minutes and 47 seconds of thrash metal mastery.  Fans of their 90's releases are going to instantly love this track. Joey Daub's drums are loud and very precise in a machine gun sort of way. The guitars are strong and tight. Kurt Bachman's vocals are right on queue and seem as though Believer have been playing all this time they were supposed to be on break. The over-all sound is strong and could have easily been a missing track off of Sanity Obscure. Keyboardist/programmer Jeff King, guitarist Kevin Leaman and bassist/programmer Elton Nestler complete the well-oiled machine that is Believer.

Head on over to the Beliver MySpace page and listen to "Focused Lethality".

Believer Focused Lethality Gabriel Cover Making

Believer also released a behind the scenes look at how the album cover for their upcoming release Gabriel was made. Lots of black lights and glow in the dark paint and a set of horns turn Gabriel's cover from concept to reality. The video is accompanied with a musical track called "Heaven Can't Wait".

Believer - Making of Gabriel cover video


Believer - Gabriel - Track Listing:

1. Medwton
2. A Moment In Prime
3. Stoned
4. Redshift
5. History Of Decline
6. The Need For Conflict
7. Focused Lethality
8. Shut Out The Sun
9. The Brave
10. Nonsense Mediated Deca
11. Circus
12. Coordinates
13. Freedom


Believer - "Foucsed Lethality" - Lyrics

We are the crazy ones
Hated are we
Crush the false strength
Only we will see

Blood filled eyes
Horor flows with ease
Shut up you fools
Bow on bloodied knee

Increase the pain
Endgame release

Reveal the power now
Crown of life engaged
We have the force
Indulge in our rage

Inrease the pain
Endgame release

We are the crazy ones
Hated are we
Crush the false strength
Only we will see
Horror flows with ease

Inrease the pain
Endgame release

3 R&R Engage comments to “Believer - Focused Lethality”

  1. Nathan Garcia Says:
    The music is sounding great. These guys really should have done this years ago.
  2. Marko Says:
  3. Matthew Says:
    Yea really. I could think of so many groups that should have keep churning out the masterworks. Think of all of the great things music lovers have missed out on over the years.

    But better late than never.

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