Brandon Flowers - Flamingo - Pre-Order (update: signed by 'Brandon')

by Matthew C. Miller on Aug 23, 2010 at 3:19 PM
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Brandon Flowers - Flamingo - pre-order

You still have time to get your pre-order in for Brandon Flowers' debut solo album, Flamingo, before it is released early next month.

Brandon & Co. are offering up some special packaging to eager audiophiles and those with a little cash to roll the dice on. It's not much of a gamble, because from what we've heard so far, Flamingo is a sure-thing.

The least expensive U.S. pre-order package is available for $24.99 and includes a Deluxe version of Flamingo and pretty sweet 10" picture disc 33.3 LP of "Crossfire." The "super deluxe bundle" tops out at $124.99 before s&h and includes the full length, deluxe edition Flamingo LP, "Crossfire" 10" Picture Disc, a hand signed Limited Edition Las Vegas Lithograph (but they don't say whose hand signed it Sweet! The store now says it's signed by 'Brandon.' Hopefully it's not a staffer by the same name. Ha!), a Brandon Flowers Diamond t-shirt, and an instant gratification MP3 download of the lead single, "Crossfire" which most of you should already have. A lighter full selection is (also) available for folks in the other areas of our fine globe.

You can grab your own bag of goodies at the BFWS


Brandon Flowers - Flamingo - Track List:
1.     "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas"       Brendan O'Brien 4:48
2.     "Only the Young"       Stuart Price     4:19
3.     "Hard Enough" (featuring Jenny Lewis)     Stuart Price/Daniel Lanois     4:05
4.     "Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts"       Stuart Price/Daniel Lanois     4:40
5.     "Playing with Fire"       Stuart Price/Daniel Lanois     5:48
6.     "Was It Something I Said?"       Stuart Price/Daniel Lanois     3:19
7.     "Magdalena"       Brendan O'Brien     3:19
8.     "Crossfire"       Brendan O'Brien     4:18
9.     "On the Floor"       Stuart Price/Daniel Lanois     3:23
10.    "Swallow It"       Stuart Price/Daniel Lanois     2:57

Brandon Flowers - Flamingo - Deluxe Edition - Track List includes:
11.     "The Clock Was Tickin'"       4:49
12.     "Jacksonville"       4:01
13.     "I Came Here to Get Over You"       2:21
14.     "Right Behind You"       3:53
15.     "On the Floor 2.0" (iTunes pre-order bonus track)     3:12


Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire" - Video w/ninjas and Charlize Theron

Brandon Flowers - "Crossfire" - Lyrics

There’s a still in the street outside your window
You’re keepin’ secrets on your pillow
Let me inside, no cause for alarm
I promise tonight not to do no harm
I promise you babe, I won't do ya no harm

And we're caught up in the crossfire
Of heaven and hell
And we're searching for shelter
Lay your body down...

Watching your dress as you turn down the light
I forget all about the storm outside
Dark clouds roll their way over town
Heartache and pain came pouring down like
Chaos in the rain, yeah

They're handing it out

And we're caught up in the crossfire
Of Heaven and hell
And were searching for shelter
Lay your body down...

Tell the devil that he can go back from where he came
His fiery arrows drew their beat in vein.
And when the hardest part is over we'll be here
And our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears
Boundaries of our fears

Lay your body down, Lay your body down
Lay your body down, Lay your body down
Lay your body down, Lay your body down

Next to mine....


4 R&R Engage comments to “Brandon Flowers - Flamingo - Pre-Order (update: signed by 'Brandon')”

  1. BFFAN21 Says:
    Do you know who designed the lithograph?
  2. Matthew C. Miller Says:
    I was wondering that myself.
    I know there are actually a few different versions sold outside of the pre-order.
    I've put a request in for more information and I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  3. BFFAN21 Says:
    Thank you so much!
  4. Electric Bass Says:
    I love this album. Flowers really delivered. The vocals, the lyrics and the arrangements sounded awesome.

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