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by Charles Willis on Sep 9, 2010 at 12:24 PM
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Obama as the middle-man

Chromeo mixes When I heard the names P-Thug and David 1, I thought Ghetto rap, but I was mistaken. If you thought the same thing you were wrong as well. P- Thugs and David 1 are the members of the electrofunk group Chromeo from Montreal Canada.

 These childhood friends have a running joke that has been apart of them for a long time. They claim, with laughter, to be the only successful Jewish/Arab partnership since the dawn of time. I actually may agree with that, jokingly of course.

 Chromeo man their breakthrough into the mainstream with their second album Fancy Footwork. The title track from this album can be heard in the new movie Step-up 3D, on a commercial for Sony PSP or if your lucky enough to have seen or will see Lady Gaga's tour Monsterball, she uses the song for an interlude. Good job guys. Lady Gaga not only listens to your music, but she plays it at her show. This is a huge affirmation for Chromeo that what they are doing is right-on.



Chromeo was formed in 2001 after a stint of producing hip-hop beats. David 1 was approached by a friend who was working with him at a record store to come up with something for Turbo Records. This was the door that P-Thug and David 1 were waiting for. 

Chromeo released their first album called, She's in control, and the positive feedback they received from that album started their music careers. They took a three year break and then released their sophomore album, Fancy footwork, in 2004. This album gave Chromeo the breakthrough they needed to be a player in the industry. Chromeo toured for two-years on this album. They played festivals in the UK, Japan, Iceland and yes, they even made it to the US on the Lollapalooza tour.

Chromeo is releasing a 3rd album called, Business Casual, on the 14th of this month. So if you like the 80's sound then you will love this band. Check them out.


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  1. JacksonKnife Says:
    Their video for Night by Night is awesome (great song, too).

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