Coldplay - Prospekt's March

by Charles Willis on Nov 17, 2008 at 9:14 PM
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Jay-Z worked with Coldplay?

Yes, it is true. Coldplay is releasing six newly completed songs that were recorded during the Viva la Vida sessions on an EP called "Prospekt's March". This EP includes one brilliant collaboration with one of the biggest east coast rap moguls of all time — Jay-Z. These songs were not completed in time for the Viva release but, if you ask me, it was an intentional marketing strategy that is going to work. If the songs are anything close to the high-spirited songs on Viva La Vida, then we can expect to have a great experience when we listen to "Prospekt's March".  This EP, will be in stores and on iTunes Nov. 25th. 
You can pre-order it now on Coldplay's Web site.


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Lost+ (with Jay-Z) - video


1. Life In Technicolor ii
2. Postcards From Far Away
3. Glass Of Water
4. Rainy Day
5. Prospekt's March/ Poppyfields
6. Lost+ (with Jay-Z)
7. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun mix)
8. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground


3 R&R Engage comments to “Coldplay - Prospekt's March”

  1. BJ Eakin Says:
    goodness... Jay Z? why??? i like rap, do not get me wrong, but I just do not think Jay Z is that good. when he was collaborating with linkin park i was not impressed... but who knows...
  2. charles willis Says:
    Yea, it should be interesting to see what happens.
  3. Kelly Says:
    Gah, it's a brilliant marketing strategy that I'm going to be one of the suckers to fall for. There's no way that I will be able to stop myself from buying this EP, and I feel like a bit of a tool for that. I'm not too into Jay-Z either, but we'll see what they make of it. Interesting.

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