Counting Crows- Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

by Charles Willis on Nov 5, 2008 at 2:49 PM
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Counting Crows - Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

"I sold my piano\It couldn't come with me\I locked up my bedroom\and I walked out into the air\When nothing I needed\is left there behind me\I walk out through the shadows\Of Washington Square" His ability to paint pictures with words will never cease to amaze me. His songwriting ability that opens up emotions to paint works of art in the soul of the listener will never get dull. Oh wait who am I talking about, you ask? Well it would be Adam Druitz from Couting Crows. This fith project from duritz and company was a much needed return to their roots of songs for the soul. This album has already had great success with its first single " You Can Count On me" and when their song "When I dream of Michelanglo" appeard on one ABC's top shows, Brother and Sisters. This ablum is moving up to be my second favoirte album from Counting Crows, behind august and everafter. The album is setup in a great way with majority of you upbeat songs on the Saturday Nights portion and then your more folk/Acoustic songs on the Sunday morning portion. If you want music that will touch your soul then you must get this album.

Counting Crows - Cowboys - Video

Saturday Nights

  1. "1492" -                                                        3:50
  2. "Hanging Tree"                                              3:50
  3. "Los Angeles"                                               4:40
  4. "Sundays"                                                     4:21
  5. "Insignificant"                                                4:14
  6. "Cowboys"                                                   5:22

Sunday Mornings

  1. "Washington Square"                                    4:17
  2. "On Almost Any Sunday Morning"                2:58
  3. "When I Dream of Michelangelo                   3:10
  4. "Anyone But You"                                        5:25
  5. "You Can't Count on Me"                             3:16
  6. "Le Ballet d'Or"                                            5:01
  7. "On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago"      4:57
  8. "Come Around"                                            4:31

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