Delirious? - Kingdom of Comfort

by Charles Willis on Nov 14, 2008 at 12:30 AM
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Delirious? Kingdom of Comfort


Delirious? Have they finally reached their sound? I mean, why shouldn't a group from Britain have a British pop rock sound? Am I correct?

Delirious? has done it with their album Kingdom of Comfort. An album that truly does their talent good. When you mix incredibly creative and out-of-the-box musicians and songwriters, you get a band called Delirious?. I remember when I heard one of their first songs “The Happy Song,” I thought, “I can really like this band, but I wish they would have more of a Britt-rock sound.” I am not sure why it took them so long to find this sound/direction, BUT I like it. Kingdom of Comfort is an album that would not have any bench time. You will find yourself listening to it more than you realize. From the gritty Brit pop sound in "Give What You Got" to a message of hope in the song "Love Will Find A Way." The best part about this album is that they haven't forgotten their Christian roots.


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Love Will Find A Way - Video


Track Listing

1. "Kingdom of Comfort" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 3:29
2. "God Is Smiling" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 4:09
3. "Give What You've Got" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 3:32
4. "Love Will Find a Way" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 4:29
5. "Eagle Rider" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 4:11
6. "We Give You Praise" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher, Marty Sampson) - 5:13
7. "How Sweet the Name" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 5:42
8. "Wonder" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 4:13
9. "Break the Silence" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher, Iain Archer) - 4:12
10. "Stare the Monster Down" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 3:27
11. "All God's Children" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 5:51
12. "My Soul Sings" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher) - 6:59
13. "We Give You Praise (Radio Mix)" (Smith, Garrard, Thatcher, Marty Sampson) - 4:03 (US version only)
14. iTunes includes EPK: Kingdom of Comfort


Kingdom Of Comfort - Lyrics

Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things

I built myself a happy home
In my palace on my own
My castle falling in the sand
Pull me out, please grab my hand
I just forgot where I came from

Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things

I rob myself of innocence
With the poison of indifference
I buy my stuff at any cost
A couple of clicks and I pay the price
Coz what I gain is someone else's loss

Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
From my unhealthy lust of material things


Save me save me
From the kingdom of comfort where I am king
To this kingdom of heaven where you are king


God Is Smiling - Lyrics

Open up the gates of love
Turn the tide and stop the flood
You've got my heart now, got my soul.
Who is my neighbour, wheres the love?
That speaks for those our world has lost
It's every heart now, it's every soul

We are one, when our beating [bleeding] hearts belong
And our love can be the revolution
That sees your kingdom come

God is smiling over us tonight
God is smiling over us tonight
where hearts are broken love unites
God is smiling, God is smiling over us tonight

So we must cross the great divide
Of colour, creed of wealth and pride
Break our hearts and save us all
So can we sing a brand new song?
Where former enemies belong
It's every heart now, every soul.

You are the centre.


Give What You've Got - Lyrics

Give what you've got give it all that you can
with the world at your feet and your life in your hands
You've got to give it, give it, give it what you've got.
Over the years I've tried to do what I could
I've made some mistakes but the grace was so good
You know I gave it, gave it, gave it all I got

Oh oh oh, the years have flown by, this is our time for moving on.

We've got to fly, fly, we're gonna spread our wings and fall into the sky
We're gonna fly, fly, we're gonna give it all we've got coz we've only got one life.

Give what you've got when your world falls apart
Get back on you're feet coz there is fire in your heart
You've got to live it, live it, give it what you've got
Don't let what you own become a crown when your old
Don't sell up your soul to the glitter and gold
You've got to give it, give it, give it what you've got


Love Will Find A Way - Lyrics

Look around at what you see
There's an s.o.s. ringing out for me
I thought I believed but I just turn away
From these souls living in this hell today

Tears are falling, on my face
From my face

Love, love will find a way to break through
This love finds a way to shine through
Your love, finds a way to break through,
This love finds a way to kiss you.

I stare in the eyes of this flesh and bone
I'm a tourist here so tomorrow I go home
I try to make sense of the things I've seen
Between the poverty and the five star dream.

Love will lead me to your feet
Love wont pass me on the street
Love will look me in the eye
Love wont leave me here to die
To your arms I'm gonna run
And escape what I've become
Love will find a better way, so they say

Love it will break you
Love it will take you
Love it will break you down


Eagle Rider - Lyrics

I feel the spirits breath moving down my neck
Closer than a summers day
You're a lion on my back
I hear the spirit speak whispering my name
Gentle as a butterfly
In a violent hurricane

I feel the spirits breath free me from the net
Flying from captivity
And the life I called a wreck
I hear the spirit speak a voice behind my eyes
It's time for a brand new song to sing
Now I'm saying my goodbyes

I'm an eagle rider flying on your wings
And you take me higher to your beauty I will cling
I'm an eagle rider when I fly above the winds
And I'm climbing higher, so much higher than I've been

I see the world below spinning in the breeze
The giants seem much smaller here
Now I'm living in my dreams
I love the spirits voice it's teaching me to fly
It's time for a rediscovery
As I fall into the sky

I'm Going up, not coming down, I'm Going up, not coming down.
Hello, hello, goodbye.


We Give You Praise - Lyrics

When the road is rough and steep
And it leads a heart to weep
There's an ocean of tears
That you've caught through the years
But we're not stopping here

On this long and winding street
Will you guide these weary feet
Every step that we take
With our hearts full of faith
And we're not stopping here

Together we are stronger so put your hand in mine

We give you praise
We give you praise
And the king of all the earth
Has saved us from ourselves
We give you praise

Through the avenues of time
Here you meet me where I am
We walk with glory and pain
And you've broken the chains
So there's no stopping here

We sing glory
In the darkness there you shine
Let it shine let it shine let it shine


How Sweet The Name - Lyrics

What would I have become
If you'd never stopped to pull me through
What would this life had done
If you'd never whispered liberty
I heard you sing so sweetly a song of love

Jesus how sweet the name
The name that saves
Jesus how sweet the sound
The sound of grace
The sound of praise
The sound that saves

So many songs I've sung
But there's none more beautiful than you
And here I've found myself
So I'm happy to be lost in you
I hear you sing so sweetly, a song called love

Every soul needs a saviour


Wonder - Lyrics

Is it any wonder that my heart is on the line
Is it any wonder that my words are out of time
Is it any wonder that I miss you like your mine

Oh sweet heart you've broken this sweet heart
Oh sweet heart you've broken me.

You set my world on fire
I'm turning inside out to be with you
So I'll be waiting here
And our love can live forever
Coz In your eyes I've seen who I could be
So I'll be waiting here

Is it any wonder that you stole this heart of mine
Is it any wonder that our worlds are now entwined
Often I have wondered if I need a redesign


Break The Silence - Lyrics

Citizens with a secret in our hands
That could ignite our shadow lands
Light it up and let it go
Let it shine with love and grace and a redesign
A ray of hope for the common man
Light it up and let it go

Oh, oh, oh,
We've got to give it away
And there's a price to pay
When we give it away

Break the silence, break the silence,
Cross ever boundary that divides us, divides us
Break the silence, break the silence,
Cross ever border that divides us, oh, unite us

We turn the page, to a future just begun
If heaven is real then let our heaven become
Peace on earth, let it flow.
We raise our voice where the colours all but gone
Paint the world with redemption songs
Stir it up let it flow.


Stare The Monster Down - Lyrics

One thing I have pondered
Is how the mighty fall
I've sung the songs of heaven
Just to lose it all
See me falling down
See me falling down

Another day in paradise
Another day to die
The writing's on the wall again
And the future's asking why
Why we turned away
Why we turn away

Is there,
Is there a place in your arms of love
Strong enough
Will you carry us
Carry us through

Eighteen weeks of chemo
Six doses of hell
A family bucket of pills a day
To make my father well
Stare the monster down
Stare the monster down

Devil you're not gonna win


All Gods Children - Lyrics

Light will come to those who wait
From the shadows souls awake
For these are the days when the nations will bow at the coming king

All our kingdoms fall with the mountains
And our empires crash into the sea
For these are the days when the nations will rise for the coming king

All gods children we will sing hallelujah

Hope will come to those who wait
As the heart of heaven breaks
For these are the days when the least of us all see the coming king
For these are the days when injustice will fall at the coming king

There will come a day when this will all fall away
And we'll be singing hallelujah


My Soul Sings - Lyrics

Open my eyes to see
The wonderful mystery of love
Falling into you
I'm drawn to the gravity of love

We're standing still in a moment of eternity
Where worlds collide and I feel the breath of heaven over me

My soul sings [x3]
How I love you [oh I love you]

Open the page and see
The wonderful history of love
I start and end with you
I'm pulled to the gravity of love

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  1. Scott Says:
    I have never had a band reach into the depths of my soul the way Delirous has. The songs are inspiring, the style stretches genres and boundaries, and the concerts -- majestic. Though they havent yet drawn the final curtain, my heart aches from a sense of loss. And yet, at the same time, my soul does sing from the fellowship I have had with and surrounding this band. Through them, I have experienced new dimensions of my beloved Savior. No tribute will ever say enough, so -- gracias and merci, brothers. In the world of music and worship, you are truly second to none.

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