El Paso Hot Button at The Lounge on Elm - 10/24/08

by Richie Sullivan on Oct 30, 2008 at 5:22 PM
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Intimidating news for every aspiring one-man band: Mickey Reece has elevated the title from side-show to art-show under the moniker El Paso Hot Button.  El Paso Hot Button is neither from El Paso nor the latest indie dance craze as the name might suggest.  El Paso Hot Button is the collective effort of Mickey Reece's four appendages wrought upon guitar and foot-powered percussion.  Based in Norman, OK, Reece brought his traveling music monologue to the newly reopened Lounge on Elm St. last Friday.

Reece's music is a detonation of naked bluesiness and blown amp-stacks.  He makes an awful lot of noise for one man; serrated guitar roars and the rat-a-tat drum shots from his constantly undulating knees.  Perched on a low-stool on the Lounge's shallow stage, Reece loomed menacingly over his musical engine.  The smoke machine occasionally sighed upward, making him look like that pitiable Buddhist monk.  Flame on.  El Paso Hot Button was a close approximation.  Wild prophet music rooted in rhythm and riff, the very blood and bone of rock.

I figured Reece's diminutive arrangement was either a brilliant invention or the result of fellow bandmates flaking out one too many times.  "Honestly, it was so long ago I don't even remember," Reece admits.  Whether vision or necessity, Reece's method is original and showcased on his latest recording "When I Needed Sympathy," available at Little Mafia Records via Paypal or at one of El Paso Hot Button's stupendous live shows.


Little Mafia Records


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  1. Martha Elaine Belden Says:
    awesome review, m'friend. totally want to check this guy out now!

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