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by Matthew C. Miller on Aug 5, 2009 at 4:41 PM
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Yes that's right … we'll give ya $25 cause we want to hear from you!

We see you trekking here every day from all over the world, ratcheting up our internet bill; but we haven't heard much from you — yet.

Let us know what you think. Hit us up in the comments section with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and smatterings of any kind aimed at improving the site and making this the best resource for our readers.

Ideally, we'd like to get ideas on how to improve the layout, what sections to include or drop from the site, new features we could add, any problems you've had with the site (load times, wonky layout … anything), how often you'd like to see updates, if you'd like to be notified of updates and pretty much any other cohesive idea you can muster up.

Did I mention there is a FREE $25 iTunes Gift Card in it for you? Well there is.

We're always looking for contributors: writers, tipsters, news updaters, street team members, and interviewers to name a few. If you've got an interest, let us know.

Quick Rules:
1. Must use a valid e-mail address (mainly for delivery of your FREE $25 iTunes Gift.) and we're pretty sure this card only works in the U.S. store (it's a code we'll send to you via email)
2. Don't bother trying to scam the system, we know about this kind of stuff and can do something about it.
3. We're gonna do our best to implement the ideas and thoughts you so unselfishly bestow upon us, but there's no guarantee.
4. The winner will be at random in a so-non scientific way; I'm sure, though, that a good idea wouldn't hurt.
5. Sorry crew, current contributors cannot win.
6. You'll be notified by email if your selected, so you'll get three days to respond, if you don't we'll pick another sucka.
7. Comment away until the last moment of Aug 31st 2009, year of our Lord.



3 R&R Engage comments to “Free - $25 iTunes Gift Card”

  1. Lawrence Says:
    Hi. I recently heard about your free iTunes gift card offer for people who commented, so I would like to tell you what I think about the site that needs improving.

    SIDEBAR: We have to scroll down “too” much to view all the links and options, with the ads and the categories of the music posts taking up most of the space. Maybe you could have the categories on the other side of the site, or on the bottom as a list of links? And it is not ideal for ads to be on a sidebar of a site…

    LACK OF TECH: Looking too much like an ordinary blog can make a perfectly good site look dumb in front of one of those high-tech, flash web domains. Perhaps you could use modern technology to fix this problem? If successful, we also hope for less lag…

    TOO MUCH BLACK: There is nothing wrong with a black background- I mean, black IS a cool colour. But the main section the everyone wants to see, the content, is looks just like a tiny piece of paper stuck on clumsily on endless black (which is caused by the long sidebar). Look at first page you see when you click on “mom (menu of music)” and you’ll understand; it’s just like a header, and a sidebar, with missing content. Maybe a content box with a size that would fit the sidebar would help.

    That’s all of my opinions. ?
    Thanks for your attention!
  2. joe Says:
    i like the site, but i would like more of it. can't you make it a bit wider?
  3. Jesse Says:
    Like they said, I think the site could be a bit wider, especially since many people these days have monitors and laptops with wide-screen aspect ratios, but other than that, there is little I would change.

    And yes, I do follow the site on a regular basis.
    Keep up the great work guys.

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