Get the New Josh Freese Album for Only $75,000

by Matthew C. Miller on Apr 29, 2009 at 2:50 AM
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Josh Freese - Since 1972


Yea that is right, $75,000. But you do get some interesting goodies with that purchase in addition to the CD.

Don't want to lay down $75,000 for someone you haven't heard of? Well maybe you have heard what he has done.

Josh Freese is to session drumming and song writing what Luciano Povarotti is to the Three Tenors, or better yet, what Jimmy Hendrix was to guitar playing. Josh Freese is a living legend so-to-speak, and regardless of your views on the content of his recordings, Josh Freese has been an integral part of some of the biggest names in music for a very long time. Among many other things, Josh Freese is a member of A Perfect Circle, The Vandals, and Devo, and was the drummer for Nine Inch Nails. Freese has appeared on close to 300 records according to wiki.

There are actually 11 different price points for 1972 (the second of his solo albums), so if you can't come up with $75,000 right now, and the government won't loan you the dough to look like your gonna crash Air Force One - sans Obama - into New York City) for a photo op, you can still pick up a copy for only $7. But that version of 1972 won't come with the special track: "-I write, record and market a 5 song EP about you and your life story."

Now, this is actually quite an interesting marketing idea. Something that has not been done before, and the purchase of the bigger packages provide some things that a die-hard fan, or a band needing to make a name for themselves would really appreciate.

The innovation begins at the $50 level where you get a phone call from Josh and an opportunity to tell him what you think. Things get even better though at the $1,000 level where Josh will do your laundry or wash your car and have dinner. At the $10,000 level, all of the goodies end with you driving off with his Volvo.

The truest of fans really need to pick up on the $75,000 level. Where Josh will be in your band, write an EP about you and your life, take you for a ride in TOOL's Lamborghini, or be your personal assistant or cabana boy. Sounds great right?

Now, you need to hurry because these are limited and several have already sold.


The price points are:

Visit to pick up on one of the 11 options.


Josh Freese Live Drum Solo Video




Josh Freese - Since 1972 Track List:

1. "I Don't Think That's OK"   3:30
2. "We All Knew"   1:45
3. "Blood On Your Knuckles"   2:24
4. "2002"   3:24
5. "I Wanna Cheat On My Girlfriend"   2:47
6. "Who Am I To Say, Really?"   3:44
7. "Point Some Fingers"   3:02
8. "Get Away With It"   2:22
9. "Because"       2:11
10. "It's Fucked Up"       2:09
11. "All Goddamn Day"   2:29



Oh yea... the music isn't half bad, you can even get a listen on Josh's site or pick up the digital tracks at the tune of i. (That's iTunes said weird.)

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