Greatest Drum Sets

by Matthew C. Miller on Mar 28, 2009 at 1:28 AM
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Stryper Robert Sweet Quad Bass Pearl Drum Set Always There For You

Through these years there have been drums sets that come and go. From expensive to exotic, from Sunlite to Slingerland. There have been relatively few that really stand out.

Wondering through the interwebs like I do, I came across a forum that has a nice listing of ridiculously massive drum sets.  Lots of good information on the forum, even a set that's got everything, including a kitchen sink!

Some of my favs from this list are: Terry Bozzio's (giving the church organist a run for her money on the pedal usage), Mike Portnoy's, Eric Carr's "Tank set", and Tony Royster Jr.'s. Tony's has an interesting lift-kit on the bass drums for some reason. Not sure how it works, but it looks interesting. I'm sure that TurnPike's drummer could really do a number on any one of these, especially if it was painted glow-in-the-dark hot pink.

My all-time favorite drum set award (and stage construction) goes to the trap used by the Visual Timekeeper himself, Robert Sweet in the video "Always There For You" from the In God We Trust album in '88. (The hundred-dollar bill stage that the drums are situated on deserves a post all it's own.) The quad-bass, right-hand, left-hand Pearl set was the drum set I took my cues from when it came time to purchase my first set.

Feel free to add your interesting drum set observations to the comments, I'd like to take a gander at 'em.


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    I remember this kit (and the tour! I mt them all at the Strand Arcade Sydney just before the concert.

    The drum solo was incredible and the kit spun anti clockwise while Robert spun clockwise hitting everything as it flew past. Then factor in that all the cymbals were swinging like pendulums as he hit them (all hanging from chains) Just Awesome to watch!!!
  2. tom Says:
    that tony royster kit has a ergonomic and therapeutic chair system (as the company says) saw one once at a drum shop in columbus ohio. weirdest things. its made by The Drums Frame Company. its called the V2L I believe.

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