Jane's Addiction - Are They Back?

by Charles Willis on Feb 12, 2009 at 12:38 PM
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Jane's Addiction - Dave Navarro


    Really? Are they back? David Navarro was giving away tickets on his radio show on the "New" indie 103.1 KDLD in LA. Only the first 500 people will get to enjoy an intimate night with Janes Addiction. Wish it was me. I mean to hear "Jane's Says", "Been Caught Stealing", "3 Days", and all the other amazing songs Farrell, Avery, Perkins, Navarro, and co. wrote together in an intimate venue would be quite amazing.

  There is also talk of Jane's Addiction in the studio with Trent Reznor writing new material. Is it the works of a new album? Well what I can tell you is that the fourthcoming box set "Cabinet of Curiosities" is due out in april. You can find more information about the resurection of one of history's greatest groups at www.janesaddiction.com or their fan site www.xiola.org



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