Joe Dowdle - All These Days. [& Interview]

by Charles Willis on Feb 15, 2011 at 9:40 AM
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Joe Dowdle - All These Days -


I was able to catch up with Joe Dowdle to chat a little about his journey as a musician. You may recognize Joe from the crazy reality show where everyone goes to an island and they have outwit, outlast and outplay everyone else. Here is what Joe and I talked about. 

ROCKandREVIEW - How did you get started in music?

Joe Dowdle - Started Playing with guitar to Santana's "Europa" on road trips with my dad. At age 13 or so; I heard my friend play the intro to "Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I was inspired to ask for an guitar for Christmas. Luckily, my dad obliged me (I still believe in Santa Claus today, BTW) I started singing years later when I wrote my first song at 18.  That song was three chord wonder with a chorus that went "How far is too far if you're not driving, How long long is too long if no one's counting?" What a philosopher....Questions are more important that questions, right?

ROCKandREVIEW - What are some of your musical Influences?

Joe Dowdle - Early on Dave Matthews, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. Now, anything that keeps my attention. Surprisingly, folk/folk-rock is doing that big time. Wilco, very talented songwriters like Bob Dylan, Sean Hayes, Ray Lamontagne, Joshua James, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Sufjan Stevens, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Conor Oberst, and Nathaniel Rateliff.

ROCKandREVIEW  - How has being on Survior helped your music career?

Joe Dowdle - Hits to my myspace page.

ROCKandREVIEW - What is your style (of music)?

Joe Dowdle - Style 12 of 6,745

ROCKandREVIEW - When you write a song where does your inspiration come from?

Joe Dowdle - Mainly how things have changed and how they will always keep changing and the pain and pleasure, the fear and courage involved in change.

ROCKandREVIEW - When someone listens to your songs, what do you hope they experience?

Jow Dowdle - I hope they say to themselves, "I'm not the only one who feels that way! what a relief!" I hope they connect with the lyrics and move to the music. The latest songs should (Fingers Crossed) incite feelings of hope.

ROCKandREVIEW - If I was to look through your iPOD what music would I find?

Joe Dowdle - From my top 25 most played.....In Order....Jesse Woods, Wilco, Black Keyes, Chris and tomas, The Tallest Man On Earth, Kings of Leon, Broken Bells, Bob Dylan, and Wilco again. Some absurdly named playlist and audio books as well.

ROCKandREVIEW - What sets you apart from other artists?

Joe Dowdle - My Hope is that my music reflects a pure pursuit to make relevant music. That alone, can separate you if you are lucky enough, overall, vivid lyrics and strong vocals and harmonies were a major focus on the the upcoming album

ROCKandREVIEW - What was the process like recording your first album?

Joe Dowdle - Some of the songs we wrote just messing around at 8:00 pm and had it done at 11:00 pm. Others, have been re-written 5-6 times. I don't know which process produces better songs, but both are appropriate/necessary it seems.

ROCKandREVIEW - Where is the one place you love to write a song

Joe Dowdle - Lyrics hit me hardest in the car on road trips amongst other places such as "The America," my bed before I sleep, while jogging, and in conversation. If my eyes glaze over while talking to you, it's because I just wrote a verse that I will probably not remember. It's a lose-lose situation. JK. My voice memo memory on my iPhone has to be near capacity. I like to strum my guitar on other people's porches.

ROCKandREVIEW - Where is the one place you like to be on friday nights?

Jow Dowdle - With friends......Facebook friends.


Joe Dowdle - All These Days -  

   All These Days by Joe Dowdle is his debut album and you can get it on iTunes now. Joe has written a fresh new album that will carry you on a great adventure. In a music era dominated by autotune and digital enhancements Joe brings a raw attribute to this album that is really refreshing. Joe brings us closer to his soul with each lyric he sings. All These Days is a work of art that you can't help but get excited about when you listen it to it. This album grabs your mind right from the start with the opening track "Change of Scene" to "Side to Side" to the closing song "A While Ago".

This is album must for any folk rock music lover. Pick it up today.


Visit Joe at his home on the web.

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