Keane - Night Train - Special Edition

by Matthew C. Miller on Apr 1, 2010 at 1:29 AM
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Kene - Night Train - E.P.


Be sure to claim your copy of Keane's newest release, Night Train in Special Edition pre-order form.

The E.P. includes collaborations with (Somali/Canadian) rapper K'Naan and Japanese Baile Funk emcee Tigarah. Night Train also includes a re-release of what is perhaps the most powerfully moving Keane song ever, "My Shadow" which originally appeared on the pre-order version of Perfect Symmetry.

Night Train officially lands world-wide May 10th, 2010, but you only have until 5pm to pick up the Night Train pre-order.

While the collaborations with K'Naan and Tigarah might sound out of place, Keane have put considerable thought into the arrangements so that the songs actually sound quite at home with their previous catalog. "Looking Back" brings visions of ROCKY vs. P.M. Dawn "Set Adrift on Memory Blissto mind with the trumpeting key-track dominating the main musical melodies. I can see people digging out their old VHS (or Beta) copies of ROCKY now perhaps wondering why they haven't yet hit Blu-ray. "Clear Skies" is a more typical Keane song plodding along in usual fashion, yet sporting a Sesame Street-inspired happiness. Clinking of xylophone keyboard nicely at home with street clapping, tambourine and chorus - a strange juxtaposition with the lyric "the sky's going to fall on you." An eerie happiness perhaps. "Stop for a Minute" is a great connection to Perfect Symmetry with that perfect bit of complimenting Somali Rap. It's a perfect leading single, enough of a new direction for Keane without taking you away from the Keane you've grown to love.

It's easy to hear that Night Train's songs were written on the Perfect Symmetry tour, not enough of a change to justify the full album treatment and the E.P. excuse needed to pull off unexpected collaborations without screwing up a good thing. But one has no need to worry it's still the 'perfect symmetry' of Tim, Tom and Rich, their just taking the 'night train' home. -haha sorry I couldn't resist.


Keane - Night Train E.P. - Track Listing

  1. "House Lights"
  2. "Back in Time"
  3. "Stop for a Minute" (feat K'Naan)
  4. "Clear Skies"
  5. "Ishin Denshin (You've Got to Help Yourself)" (feat Tigarah)
  6. "Your Love"
  7. "Looking Back" (feat K'Naan)
  8. "My Shadow"


Keane Featuring K'Naan - "Stop for a Minute" Video


Keane Featuring K'Naan - "Looking Back" Video


Keane "My Shadow" Live - Video


"My Shadow" Lyrics

It's time to make a start
to get to know your heart
time to show your face, time to take your place

In every speck of dust
In every universe,
When you feel most alone, you will not be alone

Just shine a light on me, shine a light
I'll shine a light on you, shine a light
and you will see my shadow on every wall
and you will see my footprint on every floor

It only takes a spark to tear the world apart
these tiny little things that make it all begin

Just shine a light on me, shine a light
I'll shine a light on you, shine a light
and you will see my shadow on every wall
and you'll see my reflection in your free fall

Ooh, Oh Ooh, Ooh, Oh Ooh!

Just shine a light on me, shine a light
I'll shine a light on you, shine a light
'Cause when your back's against the wall
that's when you show no fear at all
and when you're running out of time
that's when your hit tune start to rhyme

We won't be leaving by the same road that we came by (x4)

Oh Ooh, Oh Ooh, Oh Ooh, Oh Ooh!


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Crib of K'Nann :
Check out Tigarah : -UK site for Japanese emcee living in L.A.

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