Keane - Perfect Symmetry

by Matthew C. Miller on Sep 29, 2008 at 11:09 PM
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Keane - Perfect Symmetry


Has got to be the best Keane disc to date. Full of great passion and deep lyrics, but sporting a new, brignt and uplifting sound.

I've listened to half of the disc and i honestly cannot wait until it is released.

The mix is pure and powerful and easily tops the previous efforts.

Kean - Spiralling (lyrics mashup)

The new Keane alum: Perfect symmetry will be out October 14th and you can pre-order Perfect Symmetry now on iTunes and download The Lovers Are Losing and the bass-heavy track Spiralling Now!

1. Spiralling
2. Lovers Are Losing, The
3. Better Than This
4. You Haven't Told Me Anything
5. Perfect Symetry
6. You Don't See Me
7. Again & Again
8. Playing Along
9. Pretend That You're Alone
10. Black Burning Heart
11. Love Is The End


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