Lamb of God - Wrath (Review)

by Nathan Garcia on Mar 21, 2009 at 1:40 PM
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Lamb of God - Wrath

I'll start this review off with full disclosure, I'm a big Lamb of God fan. I love them, but coming off the last album, Sacrament, I was beginning to think that one of the new pillars of metal had stalled out. 

While Lamb of God's earlier material is good, I feel LofG really hit their stride and solidified their signature sound (and in turn, their place in the metal pantheon) with Ashes of the Wake. Sacrament has its bright spots, but as a whole left me wanting.  Enter Wrath

This was the breath of fresh air I wanted from one of my favorite bands. They have really taken things to the next level.  The band have all claimed that this album has a less refined, more raw sound, but tonewise, the guitars are as clear as ever, and the drums were recorded at the legendary Electric Ladyland studios, so they can't be half bad, right?.

Probably the most notable progress points that stand out to me are with Mark Morton and Chris Adler. It seems that Morton gets to do a little more in the solo area and is quite tasteful with it.  You can tell the guy can play way beyond what we hear, but he does what Lamb of God is REALLY learning to do well and that is to only play what is necessary, but play everything that is necessary. The other member that seems to progress exponentially from album to album is Chris Adler.

As a drummer, I'm pretty sure he's always been able to play everything he plays, but the growth I see is as a musician.  He seems to take very seriously the job of Metal Drummer, which in many cases is reduced to a very narrow craft, where speed is more important than feel or taste.  This is not the case with Adler.  If you were to take a poll of todays top drummers and ask them which of their peers they respect most, no doubt Chris' name would come up.  In keeping with the philisophy of a RHYTHM section, every drum hit and kick seems essential to the feel of the song. 

I don't want to steer you too much as far as the songs go, but the intro "The Passing" lulls you in with some classic metal ballad elements, a la early Metallica, but then some reverse guitars and vocals fling you into the furious riffage of "In Your Words."  The break will knock you out.  Without so much as a breath you better brace for "Set to Fail," the first single from the album. The groove and breakdown elements of their sound are in full force on such songs as "Contractor" and "Grace" - which is fine by me - (but my steering wheel hates it.)

I could comment on every song, they are all keepers. If an album can keep my finger off the fast forward button, it is rare indeed, Wrath is one of those. Wrath was released on February 24th 2009 and and debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Canadian charts, selling 68,000 in its first week. Ladies and Gentlemen, Metal is here to stay.

The Wrath Special edition has the double CD version that has some "studio experience" content that has the seperated tracks of each instrument, the Album on Vinyl and a flash drive with the album on it.


Talkback: Which album do you prefer? Sacrament or Wrath?

Track Listing:

  1. The Passing

  2. In Your Words
  3. Set To Fail
  4. Contractor
  5. Fake Messiah
  6. Grace
  7. Broken Hands
  8. Dead Seeds
  9. Everything Is Nothing
  10. Choke Sermon

  11. Reclamation


2 R&R Engage comments to “Lamb of God - Wrath (Review)”

  1. Matthew C. Miller Says:
    The drum-track-only version of Wrath is an exercise in disciplined precision.

    Might not be the most entertaining of tracks for non-drummers, but it is something to appreciate.

    The skill and presence of mind needed to produce drum tracks of such clarity and purpose is amazing. A refreshing reprieve of many other drummers' dead-head patterings.
  2. justin Says:
    i feel the same way exactly. Chris Adler's drumming is amazing. if you were to add or take out anything from this album, you are taking away a part of Chris and the rest of the gang at LOG. This album was amazing and all around kick-ass. I hope that they can get back together and make another one like it on a scale of awesomeness.

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