Legends of Rock 2009 - Tourniquet, Bloodgood, Oz Fox

by Matthew C. Miller on Apr 15, 2009 at 4:46 AM
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Tourniquet Oz Fox To Hell With The Devil

The Legends of Rock 2009 held on April 4 was surely an amazing show.

If you missed it, here are some highlights posted by our friends at YouTube.

Oz Fox of Stryper is seen playing with both Bloodgood, (who's vocalist Les Carlsen is sounding amazing for what - 50?) and Tourniquet, playing the Styper song To Hell With the Devil.

Last years Legends of Rock saw Tim Gains playing bass with Tourniquet. Next year set the date and be there.


Tourniquet with Stryper's Oz Fox - "To Hell With The Devil" Live Video


Tourniquet with Oz Fox - "The Way" Video Live

man does Oz play fast on this song.


Tourniquet - "The Test for Leprosy" - Live Video Legends of Rock 2009


Oz Fox with Bloodgood - "Out of The Darkness" Live Video


Bloodgood "Alone In Suicide" - Oz Fox - Live Video


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