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by Matthew C. Miller on Feb 7, 2010 at 5:05 AM
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Anderson L/Studio


The Hulu-powered Lexus L/Studio is an interesting collection including videos from "modern life, humor and music." Although L/Studio has only collected around 100 videos so far, R&R fans will appreciate the seven clips in the "Break it Down" feature under the "Music" section. The series features Jon Anderson, lead singer for the progressive rock group Yes and Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for the irreplaceable classic psychedelic rock group The Doors.

The Videos highlight some insights on the inspirations and creation processes behind some of both groups' biggest hits.  In addition to the two main series videos there are five "bonus videos." Two from Anderson, three from Manzarek. We wished the videos were much longer.

We also liked the videos "Parts Art" and "Web Therapy."

One may wonder why Toyota would 'wonder their focus' from more important tasks and "look beyond automobiles" to make a video-infused "Inspiration for Innovation" Lexus/Studio, but at this point ToMoCo can probably use all the distractions they can get to distract us from the world of hurt the automotive giant is going through now.


Jon Anderson

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Ray Manzarek

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Jon Anderson:



The Doors:

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  1. chris newton Says:
    wow beautiful jon ur the man been a yes fan since 1974 but had 2 abandon my beloved group now im not into kareoke yes squire finally destroys yes never mind its only a name jon you rick and trevor have got work to do the true yes fans are with you now hope bill comes on bourd 2 but hey if not wot about stuart copeland man good health 4 the future jon and see u and rick in buxton october god bless

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