Lifters - Switchblade Waterpistols EP

by Charles Willis on Oct 21, 2008 at 9:36 AM
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The Lifters EP

I can't think of a better band I would rather see playing at the hole in the wall bar where I am having a shiner than the "Texas" based Americana band, "Lifters". The Lifters are truly a breath of fresh air for the local music scene in texas. Peter Black, the frontman of the band, is truly an amazing storyteller. He has a gift of writing that paints pictures you can vividly see while listening to their music. This EP is made up of great songs from the simplicty of "Drugstore" to the more bluegrass sound of "This Is" to the deep look into the soul with "Gods on the radio. I hope Peter Black will be writing songs for us for a long time. This is a must get for any music lover.



  • Peter Black: guitar, lead vocals, vocals
  • Kenny Wayne: guitar
  • Cliff Wright: bass
  • Aaron Hass: drums

    1. Alibi

    2. Carolina

    3. Drugstore

    4. This Is

    5. Gods On The Radio

    6. Saints

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