Modest Mouse - No One's First and You're Next - EP

by B. J. Eakin on Aug 10, 2009 at 3:00 PM
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Modest EP

I recently picked up Modest Mouse's new single "Satellite Skin" and before I knew it they went ahead and released a new EP a few days ago entitled No One's First and You're Next. It includes the songs from the single but also includes 6 new tracks.  If you can appreciate their previous work, then this EP is something you should pick up.  Not to mention it contains the song "King Rat" that the late Heath Ledger directed its music video.

The reason why I said "if you can appreciate" is because Isaac Brock tends to sound like a drunkard or even a crackhead and some of his lyrics are hard to follow at times, and this drunken sound is specifically heard in "Perpetual Motion Machine".  This EP is no exception.  However, if you can get over that, then you can hear the masterful engineering of sounds.  These songs have been compiled from the time of the previous two albums, Good News for People Who Love Bad News and We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank so I find it easy to hear similarities with those songs.

This EP is more like a b-sides album... However, in my experience, when it comes to b-sides they typically are not up to par with the LP content - this is not the case.  These guys just ooze creativity, so they kind of have a midas touch in my eyes.  But honestly there is on weaker track which is "History Sticks to Your Feet."

It is a delight to listen to.  Specifically "Guilty Cocker Spaniels," " Whale Song," and "I've Got It All (Most)" -- and of course "King Rat" -- stand out and shine to me.  When you look at it, that is half of the album.  Good statistics, huh?  I think so.  I could try and disect each song for you, but it is really just a like a scenic drive, you should just enjoy the ride.  It is pretty chill overall in comparison to the LPs, Brock seems to have been laid back in devising these songs -- again, minus "King Rat."

You may not be interested in this if you are not a fan -- but for those who are aquainted with the band a little more than those who only know "Float On" or "Dashboard" this is worth the cost.


On a side note, the music video by Ledger is, dispite the beginning, quite morbid.  He used shocking imagery to convey the issue -- and it works.  Go ahead and click the link from above -- it's not all about personified whales just partying on the deck of boats. 

As for why there is a live action video to "Satellite Skin," I do not know... other songs are better -- but why complain?


Modest Mouse is:

Isaac Brock
Eric Judy
Jeremiah Green
Tom Peloso
Joe Plummer
Johnny Marr

Track List:

  1. "Satellite Skin" – 3:58
  2. "Guilty Cocker Spaniels" – 3:59
  3. "Autumn Beds" – 3:42
  4. "Whale Song" – 6:07
  5. "Perpetual Motion Machine" – 3:11
  6. "History Sticks to Your Feet" – 3:55
  7. "King Rat" – 5:30
  8. "I've Got It All (Most)" – 3:10

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