Mortification - The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine

by Matthew C. Miller on Apr 14, 2009 at 3:21 AM
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Mortification - the evil addiction destroying machine

The prolific, speed, thrash, death metal purveyer's Mortification are set to release their 14th album, The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine in late May.
The lineup includes Steve Rowe (bass, vocals), Adam Zaffarese (drums) and Mick Jelinic (guitars).

Be sure to visit Mortification via Rowe Productions on April 15th for a sample from The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine.
As with Mortification's previous self-released effort, Erasing The Goblin, The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine will be released on Rowe Productions.  The initial release will be a Limited Edition Deluxe DigiPak that includes the names of the first people to pre-order the disc. Mortification calls these people "Mortification Im-Mort-Alized Supporters".

According to Steve Rowe "The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine sounds like nothing I have ever heard before, not even any other Mortification Album.... and so for this the 14th Mortification Album expect a Massive, free flowing barrage of Intense and Brutal Metal Storms. Turn It Up Loud!!!!!!!" Rock and Review has no reason to doubt him.

The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine was recorded at Austrailia's permier studio for medal:

Pre-Order The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine now.
Mortification on iTunes.


Scrolls of the Megilloth - Video


Track List:

1. The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine
2. A Sense Of Eternity
3. Elastisized Outrage
4. Pushing The Envelope Of The Red Sonrise
5. I'm Not Confused
6. The Master Of Reinvention
7. Pilots Hanging From Shoulder Dust
8. One Man With Courage Makes A Majority
9. Alexander The Metalworker
10. Resurrection Band (A Tribute To Rez)

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