Mr J. Medeiros - Neon Signs

by Charles Willis on Sep 1, 2011 at 8:08 AM
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Mr J. Mederious song "Neon Sign" is a song that you would finding passing through the graded grill of a speaker making the heads bob at a night club in LA or New York. This song has nice ambient groove with some lyrics that bring the Hip-Hop vibe that we all know so well Mr. J. Wait, how am I suppose to know that name. Well if you follow Hip-Hop or Song Writing you would know that he was the Mastermind behing The Procussions. He has written songs for Pidgeon John, one of the most notable emcee from LA in underground scene. I highly recommed downloading this track becuase it has nice mix of an ambient/Trance/hip-Hop vibe. Will keep your body moving. 

Watch the Neon Sings video under our featured video of the week on the homepage.


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