Muse - The Resistance

by B. J. Eakin on Sep 11, 2009 at 10:09 AM
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Muse - The Resistance

Muse releases their fifth studio album this Monday (September 14th) entitled The Resistance.  After listening to the whole album a couple of times I have to quote Shania Twain - "that don't impressa' me much..." 

"So you got the moves, but do you got tha' touch?"  -- haha, sorry, had to cheese it up.  Anyway, I may be a little too critical about this work but my expectations were pretty high after both Absolution (oh goodness, almost perfect) and Black Holes & Revelations.  The beginning of the album turned me off -- "Uprising," the first single, reminded me way too much of hair band rock with the sudden, surprise guitar riffs.  The title track, "Resistance," also starts out well, however the chorus ("it could be wrong, could be wrong") is lamely constructed in light of the verses, it just does not fit. Finally, "United States of Eurasia" unabashedly rounds out the glam-rock feel.

The band still has the Queen element that I love but I just feel it was poorly executed, specifically in "United States of Eurasia" it is almost copycat.  Matthew Bellamy is the closest thing to Freddie Mercury this day and age - so much power and clarity, I have such high expectations for him.  They were like Queen in the past two albums, but they do not have to go to this level.

BUT -- after these three songs the album gets better turning at "Unnatural Selection" and "MK Ultra" as they return to THEIR (updated) style.  But the gold comes at songs like "Undisclosed Desires" -- a dance-worthy song (which would be kind of cool to see on So You Think You Can Dance) that has a modern and dirty feel to it...  My favorite song of the bunch.  But even with these songs, they are not as "rockin' " as they have been, trading it for something different.  But hey, you may have not liked them in the past - and this may be what you want.

Now, the album transitions with "I Belong to You" that is driven by the piano, but is also pretty good.  After that, the end of the album is a three part "symphony" called "Exogenesis."  I really do not know what to think of it - but I like it.  "Pt 1: Overture" seems like it should be a soundtrack to a movie; "Pt. 2: Cross-Pollination" reminds me of George Gershwin with guitars (pretty cool); and "Pt. 3: Redemption" I think came from the Truman Show score (haha, just kidding... it is similar though in the beginning) -- but it is beautiful.

So overall, there is no possible way I could refute their skill and talent.  It is filled with good songs but not up to par with the past two albums.  I am, no doubt, a huge fan.  But they should stop sucking up to Queen by their full emulation, you cannot beat the originators.  Also, it is a schizophrenic album, there is no common element that binds the songs -- I would almost prefer this to be considered a b-sides, that would make more sense for the content.  Yet, I will be listening to these songs individually, they are epic and good.


Muse is:

Matthew Bellamy
Christopher Wolstenholme
Dominic Howard


Tracklist for The Resistance:

  1. "Uprising" – 5:04
  2. "Resistance" – 5:46
  3. "Undisclosed Desires" – 3:55
  4. "United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)" – 5:47
  5. "Guiding Light" – 4:13
  6. "Unnatural Selection" – 6:54
  7. "MK Ultra" – 4:06
  8. "I Belong to You (+Mon Cœur S'ouvre à ta Voix)" – 5:38
  9. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)" – 4:18
  10. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross Pollination)" – 3:56
  11. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)" – 4:36

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