New Release Tuesday

by Charles Willis on Feb 22, 2011 at 10:29 AM
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Here are three albums out today that you might want to ponder purchasing.





 Produced by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, The Pixies and Jimmy Eat World), Bayside is about to release their fifth studio album called Killing Time. This will be their first album released on Wind Up Records. This album has some great harmonies between Anthony Raneri and Jack O'shea. This is an album that will make spring a great time. This is must for all pop-punk fans.  Some of my favorite tracks on this album are "Mona Lisa", Already Gone" and the title track " Killing Time"  RRR.5 Rating


G. Love is back at it with his newest album, Fixin' To Die. He has said this is the album that he has been waiting to do since he started. He is really excited about this one. The title track "Fixin' To Die" has a nice spiritual sound to it. I am not going to the lie, the intro to the song was really creative. (You can watch a video of the song here. ( I am excited for this album. G. Love is always pushing the limits and just might pushed it some more with this album. This album has a nice alternative country blues vibe to it. If you like the OLD 97's you will love this album.  With songs like "FIxin' To Die", "Katie Miss", " Walk On", to " 500 Mile Girl", this album is wonderful journey through the musical expression of G. Love. RRRR Rating






Sean Rowe is a deep magical baritone voice that you just want more of. His latest masterpiece Magic, is a story of innocence lost. Sometimes you can hear the very raw and emotional Johnny cash from his last few albums in the voice of Sean Rowe. You can hear in his songs the cry to stop and remember where we are, who we are, and what we should be about. Sean's voice is one that can move the soul, if you allow him the trust. He magical voice sends lyrics deep inside the listener. I. This album is full of songs that desire to take us deeper especially "American" and " Wet". If your a fan of the raw singer songwriter, than Sean Rowe is a must  RRR.5 Rating

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