Nickelback- Dark Horse

by Charles Willis on Nov 20, 2008 at 11:30 AM
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            Could this be the final days of Nickleback ? I proudly say that Nickel has set in motion their road to destruction with latest monstrosity “Dark Horses”. Nickelback is not hard rock, so for them to do an album so they can play at Ozzfest, just doesn’t do it. The guys from Nickelback probably couldn’t even survive a mosh pit; they might break a nail or something. Musically, the album is great, but lyrically it just doesn't make sense.

            Nickelback decided to start the album off with a song called, “Something in your mouth”. I mean, really? It is like they are trying to hard to be edgy and they are definitely over killing the idea of double meaning songs. “Something in your mouth” I’d Come for you” “just to get high” “S.E.X” they should have another title called “Overkill”.

            On a lighter note, it is good to see Nickelback knows how to still write that rock ballad that all the females are going to love. On this album they wrote two “Gotta be somebody” and “Never gonna be alone”

Well, ok as much as I don’t like Nickelback, at all, I will say this; they always seemed to have incredible production on their albums. They seemed to always find the best engineers, producers and studio to record in. Personally, in the end, I think this is an album that we can all live without this album.


1. "Something in Your Mouth"

2. "Burn it to the ground"

3. "Gotta Be Somebody"

4. "I'd Come for you"

5. "Next Go Round"

6. "Just To Get High"

7. "Never Gonna Be Alone"

8. "Shakin' Hands"

9. "S.E.X ot;

10. "If Today Was Your Last Day"

11."This Afternoon"


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