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by Matthew C. Miller on Aug 31, 2010 at 5:32 AM
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PaperJamz - ROCK and REVIEW

Want a guitar you can shred that is somewhere between a killer Les Paul (with the killer price) and the air guitar your playing right now? Then you want Paper Jamz.

Paper Jamz is the genius product that is better late than never. The surprisingly well-built electronic guitars are just what the jammer ordered. For around $25 you can have a sweet, custom, paper (and plastic) axe that can take you from a one-touch wonder to a well-schooled beginner in less time than it takes to listen through the entire New Radicals discography.

No strings, no tuning and a compact size means you can finally take your guitar with you on that long trip to grandma's house in the back of the mini-van or on that plane ride to the wild side. Just make sure to pack a stash of batteries and your best set of headphones. And in case you need some more volume with that paper-tar, don't worry a bit, Paper Jamz has you covered with an equally impressive Amp.

Thin and light-weight is the name of the game with Paper Jamz. Paper Jamz uses "active graphics circuit embedded paper" to translate your input to some fine guitar shredding chunk-chu-chu-chunk.  Complete your paper band with guitar strap and drums for less than a ticket to Disney World. No longer do you have to worry about someone stealing your expensive gear, heck if you don't like it, just put it in the paper shredder after your done.

Walmart has the complete collection, including paper shredder available now.

Find out more about PaperJamz at

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