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by Charles Willis on Sep 25, 2009 at 9:04 AM
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25 years and nine albums later, The Grunge Kings are back!!!!!!!!

Pearl Jam is back with their nineth studio album. Backspacer. This album is uniquely different than all the other projects. It seems to be a more muscially mature album and lyrically, we see a different side of Mr. Vedder.

Musically, they have gone away from the deep alternative sound to a more universal rock sound, they must be getting older. Although, I am not a huge fan of this album, I like the fact they did something different. I think that might be because they actually listen to the producer of the album, Brendan O'brien, who has producer some incredible albums like Evil Empire by Rage Againts The Machine, Core by Stone Temple Pilots and yes one of my favorite albums by Pearl Jam, VS. You can sense in this album that when O'brien made a suggestion instead of rebelling like they would of as a younger rock band who knew everything, instead acted like mature musicians who knew that someone else might have a good idea and implemented it. Like I said although this isn't my favorite album, musically, I give them kuddos for maturing there sound. One thing about pearl jam is that I can always count on them having songs that I love to sing out loud with my windows rolled down on a long road trip. Songs like "Jeremy," "Daughter," "Elderly Women Behind a Counter," and "Better Man." This album will have a few of those in tracks like "Just Breathe," "Amongst the Waves," "Speed of Sound," and "The End." Even though this is not one of my favorite pearl jam albums, I feel this album is a great balance of uptempo songs and slow songs that you can connect with.

Lyrically Vedder takes some risk by writing more positive optimistic songs.  I did say Vedder right? Yes I did. This is the first time since 1994, Vitalogy, Eddie Vedder actually wrote all the songs. The first song out of the gate,""Gonna See My Friend," is a song about going to see a friend to stay off drugs," Vedder says and he also states ""Got Some" is about a drug dealer, but the drug he is selling is a good rock song". This album is full of optimistic songs and for the first time there are a couple about love. 

Overall I give this album a RRRR rating.

Be on the look out for Pearl Jam at Austin City Limits Music Festival.

This is look at the video for Pearl Jams first single off Backspacer - "The Fixer"

Pearl Jam is:  

      Jeff Ament
      Stone Gossard
      Mike McCready
       Eddie Vedder
      Matt Cameron


Track listing

All lyrics written by Eddie Vedder. 

1. "Gonna See My Friend"   Vedder 2:49
2. "Got Some"   Jeff Ament 3:02
3. "The Fixer"   Matt Cameron, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard 2:58
4. "Johnny Guitar"   Cameron, Gossard 2:50
5. "Just Breathe"   Vedder 3:36
6. "Amongst the Waves"   Gossard 3:59
7. "Unthought Known"   Vedder 4:09
8. "Supersonic"   Gossard 2:40
9. "Speed of Sound"   Vedder 3:34
10. "Force of Nature"   McCready 4:04
11. "The End"   Vedder 2:58
Canadian iTunes bonus track

All songs written and composed by Vedder. 

12. "Better Man (live)"   4:56


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  1. MCM Says:
    I know this is sacrilege, but I've never been into these guys until this record.
    I've enjoyed the months of listening to these songs and each time they've been played on the cable digital music channel.

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