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by Charles Willis on Apr 2, 2010 at 11:07 AM
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After a two year break and having his life having been shaken up by a recent divorce from his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, usher is releasing his sixth studio album titled Raymond vs. Raymond. Yes if your thinking this title sounds familiar, your correct. Usher actually got the idea for the album from one of most famous divorces in movie history, Kramer vs. Kramer. Raymond vs. Raymond was suppose to release back in December of 09, but usher’s label feels this album is strong that they wanted to give it the best support to be successful. This album has been gaining momentum when they decided to release a buzz single, “Papers” in august of 2008. That song peaked at 31 on the Hot 100 in the US and it topped the US R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. This is why they waited to finally release Raymond Vs, Raymond on march 30 2010.

In this album we see a vulnerable side to usher. It seems like he is trying to connect to his fans in a different way. the songs talk about personal struggles that he and probably some of his fans are going though. For instance his first buzz single, ”Papers”, talks about going through a divorce. We can sense the emotion that he is going through when he opens up like that. I like it when an artist trust us with their feelings by sharing stories of what they are going through, because then we seem them as a human and not a superstar, which helps us connect to them more personally. So not only does he connect lyrically, but like always his music is relevant.

Jermanie Dupri, The Runners, RedOne, Polow da DOn, and Tricky Stewart are to name just a few of the producers who worked on the production of Raymond vs. Raymond.  This album has a great mixture of old school R&B beats with a modern touches with the auto tune/voice synths elements. Usher, to me, always seems to be at the forefront of R&B. He seems to always take R&B to a new level and he definitely does with this album. 

If your like me and addicted to Idol, you would have seen usher this week mentoring the top 10 id ol contestants for R&B week. He really was good at mentoring them to reach their potential and this was a good week for most of the contestant. Anyways, one of things that I got to experience was an Usher’s performance and I have to say, I was completely impressed with him live. His dance moves were crisp and uncharted, he sings, and he gives 100% to making you feel his performance. He performed his new singe “OMG” featuring will-i-am. This album is a must have for anyone’s R&B collection.

"OMG" Video


"Hey Daddy" Video



No.TitleProducer (s)Length 1. "Monstar"   Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis 5:01 2. "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)"   The Runners 3:44 3. "There Goes My Baby"   Jim JonsinRico Love 4:41 4. "Lil Freak(featuring Nicki Minaj) Polow da Don 3:54 5. "She Don't Know" (featuring Ludacris) BangladeshSean Garrett 4:03 6. "OMG(featuring 4:29 7. "Mars vs. Venus"   Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis 4:22 8. "Pro Lover"   Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis 5:03 9. "Foolin' Around"   Bryan-Michael CoxJermaine Dupri 4:11 10. "Papers"   Zaytoven, Sean Garrett 4:21 11. "So Many Girls" (featuring Diddy) Danja 4:36 12. "Guilty" (featuring T.I.) AJ "Prettyboifresh" Parhm 3:44 13. "Okay"   James "JLack" Lackey 3:15 14. "Making Love (Into the Night)"   Jim Jonsin, Rico Love 3:36




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    I like that you feature other Hip Hop artist on here. Keep posting more new artist.

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