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by Charles Willis on Jan 21, 2010 at 2:06 PM
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           The starr drummer of the legendary rock band, The Beatles, has just relased his 15th studio album titled Y NotY Not has a very nice Retro Rock feel to it. I have to say I like it, especially the retro part. The album's first single "Walk With You" features fellow bandmate Paul McCartney. Ringo callaborated with other industry giants such as Joe Walsh, Joss Stone, Van Dyke Parks, Ben Harper, and last but not least Richard Marx.

          Y Not starts off with the killer track "Fill In The Blanks" that just happens to feature the lead guitarist from The Eagles, Joe Walsh. This song has nice retro rock sound with the guitar leading the way.  Mr. Starr ends Y Not with a song that features the beautiful and talented British soul and R&B singer Joss Stone. Y Not has a nice blues feel that just makes you want to move and has a nice mixture of songs which Is why I feel it is a must for any record collection.

1. "Fill in the Blanks" (featuring Joe Walsh) Richard Starkey, Joe Walsh 3:14
2. "Peace Dream" (featuring Paul McCartney on bass) Starkey, Gary Wright, Gary Nicholson 3:34
3. "The Other Side of Liverpool"   Starkey, Dave Stewart 3:23
4. "Walk With You" (lead single, a duet with McCartney) Starkey, Van Dyke Parks 4:42
5. "Time"   Starkey, Stewart 3:49
6. "Everyone Wins" (a re-recording of a song originally released in 1992 as a B-side) Starkey, Johnny Warman 3:54
7. "Mystery of the Night"   Starkey, Richard Marx 4:05
8. "Can't Do It Wrong"   Starkey, Gary Burr 3:45
9. "Y Not"   Starkey, Glen Ballard 3:49
10. "Who's Your Daddy" (featuring Joss Stone) Starkey, Joss Stone 2:29

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  1. MIchael Higgins Says:
    This is a surprisingly good disk. Check it out!

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