Rock & Review Wants YOU! (to win $25)

by Matthew C. Miller on Nov 15, 2008 at 12:55 AM
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Rock and Review Wants You - Uncle Sam United States Mascot

Yes that's right … We want to hear from you!

We see you trekking here every day from all over the world, ratcheting up our internet bill; but we haven't heard much from you — yet.

Let us know what you think. Hit us up in the comments section with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and smatterings of any kind aimed at improving the site and making this the best resource for our readers.

Ideally, we'd like to get ideas on how to improve the layout, what sections to include or drop from the site, new features we could add, any problems you've had with the site (load times, wonky layout … anything), how often you'd like to see updates, if you'd like to be notified of updates and pretty much any other cohesive idea you can muster up.

Did I mention there is a FREE $25 iTunes Gift Card in it for you? Well there is.

We're always looking for contributors: writers, tipsters, news updaters, street team members, and interviewers to name a few. If you've got an interest, let us know.

Quick Rules:
1. Must use a valid e-mail address (mainly for delivery of your FREE $25 iTunes Gift.)
2. Don't bother trying to scam the system, we know about this kind of stuff and can do something about it.
3. We're gonna do our best to implement the ideas and thoughts you so unselfishly bestow upon us, but there's no guarantee.
4. The winner will be at random in a so-non scientific way; I'm sure, though, that a good idea wouldn't hurt.
5. Sorry crew, current contributors cannot win.

4 R&R Engage comments to “Rock & Review Wants YOU! (to win $25)”

  1. adam Says:
    Great Music Blog. I think you should add a subscription service so that I am notified of new entries.
  2. charles willis Says:
    We love hearing from you please leave us your feeback. Feel free to email me at
  3. Andrew Says:
    awesome site!
    -the more it can be updated during a day the better.
    -a better layout, maybe something along the lines of
    -put a media player on the site so users can listen to featured music while they're here, and don't have to leave the site.
  4. Kelly Says:
    I do think the layout could be better, mainly, I would like to see more page use. Using firefox, almost a third of the page is taken up by empty space, making the posts themselves narrow and require much scrolling to read all but the shortest posts. Wider posts are more readable.

    The more updates, the better. I would like to read more detailed reviews, maybe with more description of the band's sound on a particular item, which tracks are particularly strong or weak, and how the new album compares to earlier albums.

    I would also like more updates on upcoming music - new singles and upcoming releases from bands that we already love, as well as upcoming releases from new bands that might be promising.

    Concert reviews would also be interesting to read.

    Definitely second the media player idea!

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