R&R Hero of the Week - Brian Price

by Matthew C. Miller on Apr 7, 2010 at 5:48 AM
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R&R Hero of the Week - Brian  Price Band

While this ain't our Brian Price, and this Pittsburgh guy's songs aren't particularly outstanding, we do have to admire his move to doing what he loves.

It only took Brian Price 20 years to decide he'd rather do music than not and while it's not hard to see (hear) he might need a bit longer to work on his songs, Brian Price ain't half bad for having never played before. After getting "tired of singing in his car," Brian hooked up with some musician friends and has since posted some material on iTunes.

A wise man once said: "You can work your booty off all your life doing something you hate, or you can shake it right and do something you love. ...and not WORK a day in your life."  We think it was Mr. Miyagi ( or Mr. Kesuke Miyagi for the Karate Kid purists out there ) or someone who said that, but it's true. Don't worry though, so far Brain has not quit his day job.

In the words of the late, great MJ (Michael J.) (that's ackSon to you, not FOX), in the classic "Man In the Mirror," "take a look at your face and make that - CHANGE!"


So, ROCKandREVIEW would like to ask you: how long's it going to be until you start doing what you love?


Brian, you're the R&R Hero of the Week - Big shouts from all of us here at R&R - we hope you keep reaching!


Brain Price on iTunes

Brian Price corner of the web

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