Sarah Jaffe - Even Born Again EP

by Richie Sullivan on Feb 12, 2009 at 10:19 AM
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Sarah Jaffe

Even Born Again, a six-song EP from late 2008, is the first recording of one of Denton's new talents, Sarah Jaffe.

Perhaps the most important thing Even Born Again does is that it recovers the original definition of a comedy.  It’s the definition that permitted Dante to call an epic journey through hell and purgatory a comedy.  Second birth is a comedy, but only as preceded by the kind of various deaths and abysses to which Jaffe sings odes.  There are other long-forgotten virtues in Jaffe’s store as well: awe, martyr love, penitence, but it all follows parade-like on her own comedic march.

Sarah Jaffe is a ture gloves-off performer.  Even Born Again, in a mere six compositions, showcases Jaffe’s range, from orchestral swells to lonelier arrangements befitting an empty lounge booth.  But always Jaffe is in your face with a tale, close enough that you can hear the quills in her throat and feel the heat of her breath.

As far as I can tell, Even Born Again is Jaffe’s first recording.  It’s cruelly short, especially in light of Jaffe’s narrative style.  One feels as if they were getting half a story.  Anybody who has given it an earnest listen is bound to be restlessly anxious for a sequel.


Sara Jaffe - "Even Born Again" Video with Interview.


Label: Summer Break Recordings

Track Listing:

1. Even Born Again

2. Black Hoax Lie

3. Adeline

4. Under

5. Two Intangibles Can't Be Had

6. Backwards/Forwards

Pick up the Even Born Again EP on Itunes.


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