Seabird - Til we see the shore

by Charles Willis on Jan 9, 2010 at 12:12 PM
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Seabird is an alternative rock band from Cincinnati Ohio. Seabird was singed to EMI in 2005 after there EP landed them a personal showcase with EMI reps. A year and a new record company later, credential recordings, they started working on a full length album and they released an EP that would tease their upcoming debut album, "Til We See The Shore, which was released in june of '08. 

This album is simply beautiful. This album starts with a beautiful piano ballad that draws you in right off the start. This track just happens to be the title track, "Till We See The Shore". "Rescue", Seabird's first single is a great song. Aaron's voice on this song sings the lyrics in away you can hear the passion of being rescue. Seabird is a band that knows how to write quality songs, lyrically and musically. This is a must album for anyone's cd collection.

Seabird released their second album - Rocks into Rivers on Dec. of last year. 


Seabird is:

Aaron Morgan - Vocals / Keyboards
Brandon Weaver - Bass
Preston Lane - Drums
Ryan Morgan - Guitar

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