Shinobi Ninja, The new fuse of hip-hop/rock?

by Charles Willis on Aug 25, 2011 at 5:50 PM
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So I get cd's ever so often from this cool video servicing company called, RiveVideo ( and then the call ever so often to do a traffic update, Seeing what I played and if I would play this. Well they mention to me about this band they would like to push real hard and I said sure Ill add them now, since it is on my mind. You know I have seen good, bad and the ugly when working with indie bands and their videos. Wow!!! It has been awhile since I have been Wowed (i am sure this is not a word, but lets just go with i) by a band and this band wowed me. SHINOBI NINJA. Their song "Rock Hood" was just plain Hype. Sick. and anyother new cool word that means dope!!! I truly wanted to get out of my seat put on some ole 80's atheltic shorts, pull my socks up and just rock. 

Could they be the next Beastie Boys...Well they have a good starting point, They are from brooklyn and they do party-rock. With putting out good music, on itunes, they have completed two national tour this year. They played shows at the warp tour, 311's pow wow fest and nerdapalooza. 

I have not seen them live, They came to dallas in march, Wish I would of known that back then...Anyways I know they put on a good show. Anyways check out their video Rock Hood on our Homepage under the feature video spot.

thanks. more about Shinobi Ninha comin soon.

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