Smashing Pumpkins - Does Teargarden by Kaleidyscope Suck?

by B. J. Eakin on Sep 30, 2010 at 2:51 PM
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Mr Bill Corgan.  Authoritive Leader of the Smashing Pumpkins

A while ago I had posted the news about The Smashing Pumpkins' new project entitled Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.  Instead of the traditional LP of 10-16 tracks, Billy Corgan has decided to split up the songs and releasing them over short amounts of time.  This was specifically engineered to cater to changing listener habits - which is ingenious.  This gives a them the potential of staying on listener's minds and ipods much more often.  Additionally, these songs are given gratis (free) - which I do not know where they are getting revenue from - but I applaud them for this gesture.

However, I have to be honest.  Even with the experimental, ballsy method they are implementing the gamble has not proved anything to me besides business savvy.  I feel that the problem is that there is not "single" quality songs that have been released to this point.  It only seems like Billy Corgan doing his "art-vomit" and hoping that something good will come of it.  Up to this point, the music is regurgitated styles that they have used in the past. 

WHAT????  What is going on Billy?

Billy has yet to find what works for him.  And even more so, the band has yet to assert itself over Corgan's authority.  I can see everyone involved around him just doing anything that he says.  I mean, I would be star struck too.  But he really needs people who are peers - not some teenager dude to fill the amazing shoes of Chainberlin.  I understand that this is hard to do especially with members coming in and out - but it does not change my expectations.

Cool Artwork at least....Volume 1 is called Songs for a Sailor.   It starts out alright with "A Song for a Son,"  a strong, passionate song similar to some of the previous stuff released.  After that, it all falls to crap.  "Widow Wake My Mind" - blah... a redundant, shallow song that makes no sense to me.  Further listening to "A Stitch In Time" makes me want to delete it from my computer.  It is like a poorly done 60's throwback.  And finally, "Astral Planes" closes Vol. 1 where it looks like they travel into the early70's with the same problem as the song prior.  At least is energy filled though.

Artwork released with "Freak" and Vol.2

Volume 2 is named The Solstice Bare and has only been half-released.  Fortunately the first track "Freak" is alright.  I have argued with a couple of my friends over this and they actually like this song.  I do not see it, but I am happy that Billy is kind of getting in his groove here.  BUT... A BIG BUT.... The most recent track returns back to "Say What???" Land.  "Spangled" is like Corgan in a happy dreamland singing about happy things or something.  It reminds me of "Lily (My One and Only)" from Mellon Collie so I do appreciate it in some sense.  But still... What????

Overall, I think Billy needs to stick to producing and writing.  I have yet to see the passion from his old stuff.  It may be because he is practically worshipped by thousands and thousands of people.  How in the worlds will he experience trauma and angst like he did as he was growing up to be the inspiration for such passion?  He is just a 43 year old millionaire that is trying to return to the "Good Ole' Days" of rocking the world.  I am hoping that he might write read these words and get mad at me and other saying the same.  GET MAD BILLY!  GET MAD!  TRANSFORM IT TO ART!

Anyway, I realize that it may not just be the music.  I will give the concession that my music tastes have changed from the times where I idolized Mr. Corgan.  There is a possibility that I could be partial to the old stuff.  I hope that this is the case.  But hey, disillusionment is something Billy would understand.

You be the judge though.  It's all FREE here.  Go listen to it. 

Love you Mr. Corgan.  You will always be thought of well by me.

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