Story Of The Year - The Constant

by Charles Willis on Feb 23, 2010 at 8:31 AM
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Story of the year, That band, that brought us "Until the Day I Die" and "Anthem of Our Dying Day" is back with thier fourth album Constant.  This album is great. It has a song for the one who likes melodic punk/pop sound and for the fan of the post-hardcore. Story of the year worked with Elvis Baskette (Chevelle, Cold, Escape The Fate) on this album. They also did a really good job of bringing songs that hit a wide range of fans. Also, what I liked about this album, it doesn't seem like that they tried to over think the songs, which can be deadly to art especially music.

Their new single, I'm alive has lots of great melodic rifts and harmonies. This song is a brillant choice to introduce the album, The Constant, as it's first single. If you liked the post-hardcore sound then you will like the song, To the burial.

Overall this album is so good that it should of been their follow up album after page avenue.

Best of luck, Story of the year.


Track Listing

01. The Children Sing
02. The Ghost Of You And I
03. I'm Alive
04. To The Burial
05. The Dream Is Over
06. Remember A Time
07. Holding On To You
08. Won Threw Ate
09. Ten Years Down
10. Time Goes On
11. Eye For An Eye

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