Stryper - Guitar Solos

by Matthew C. Miller on Aug 24, 2010 at 7:40 AM
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Stryper - Oz - Mike - Guitars
I couldn't think of a better thing to post for our 200th post than something on Stryper.

Thanks to our Finnish YouTube friend, FinnStrype, we have 3 volumes of Stryper guitar solos.

I defy any band, anywhere in the timeline of history to produce a better catalog of guitar solos. It hasn't been done yet, and with as fast as we are killing the earth I doubt it ever will.

Stryper's Michael Sweet (lead vocals, guitar), and Oz Fox (guitar, vocals) are really an irreplaceable dynamic duo, producing some of the best guitar work for one of the most influential Christian bands of all time. In their short 25 year career, Stryper have produced no less than 70 original songs most of them containing an amazing bit of guitar work on the part of Oz and Mike and as a collective with Tim and Robert are quite listenable.

With Stryper's new album of covers fast approaching, The Covering will add to Stryper's repertoire another dozen cover songs with more amazing guitar work. FinnStrype is going to need to update his compilations with at least one more volume.


Stryper Guitar Solos - Vol.1 - Video Compilation


Stryper Guitar Solos - Vol. 2 - Video Compilation


Stryper Guitar Solos - Vol. 3 - Video Compilation


Find out more about Stryper at the Stryper dot com and read up on them in the 25th Anniversary Stryper Picture Book By His Strypes.

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