Stryper Selects Pale Horse Design for The Covering

by Matthew C. Miller on Oct 20, 2010 at 9:32 AM
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Pale Horse Design - Chris Parks -

This morning via FaceBook and Twitter, Stryper have announced they are working with the design house Pale Horse Design on the cover art for their upcoming covers album, The Covering.

Samples of The Covering have ignited a fire of anticipation under Stryper fans and caused some controversy as the album is full of secular songs that the band members found inspirational and definitive of their youth. Pale Horse Design is likely to be a perfect compliment.

Pale Horse Design is the brain child of illustrator and graphic designer Chris Parks. Chris' style is dark in a colorful sort of way. He uses strong themes that is evocative of the best comic books. His work it's ultra high quality and crisp. From what I can gather, The Covering's cover art may be as polarizing as the original cover art for To Hell With the Devil.

Check out Pale Horse Design and let us know what you think at R&R Engage >>>

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Stryper - The Covering - Promo 1

Stryper - The Covering - Promo 2

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