Sunny Day Real Estate - 2009 REUNION TOUR

by Cole Watkins on Jul 21, 2009 at 5:07 PM
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Photo of Sunny Day Real Estate

That's right, folks. If you didn't already know, the infamous SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE is doing a Reunion tour in North America!

If you're not privy to SDRE, they were one of the most influential bands to break in the 90's and early 00's. Uncounted bands were inspired by Sunny Day's melodic and unique tunes! Known for their tribalistic drums, melodically hypnotic guitar parts, and singer Jeremy Enigk's insanely high aggressive vocals, Sunny Day (as their fans affectionately call them) ripped open the Indie Music Scene in 1994, with their debut album Diary. Increasing in their magnetism and style with each subsequent album, Sunny Day reached their pinnacle with 2000's The Rising Tide. Not long after, the band split and vocalist Enigk toured with original Sunny Day members Goldsmith and Nate Mendel (The Foo Fighters) under the name THE FIRE THEFT. However, The Fire Theft, never quite achieved the status and admiration of Sunny Day.

If you're a fan, this could be your only chance to see these guys live. I for one never thought the day would come!

Tour Dates Include:

September 17     Vancouver, BC     Commodore Ballroom
September 18     Portland, OR     McMenamins Crystal Ballroom
September 20     Murray, UT     Murray Theater
September 21     Denver, CO     Ogden Theatre
September 23     Minneapolis, MN     First Avenue
September 24     Chicago, IL     Metro / Smart Bar
September 25     Detroit, MI     St. Andrews Hall
September 27     New York, NY     Terminal 5
September 28     Boston, MA     House Of Blues
September 30     Washington, DC     9:30 Club
October 1     Philadelphia, PA     Trocadero Theatre
October 3     Atlanta, GA     Center Stage
October 5     Dallas, TX     Granada Theater
October 6     Houston, TX     Warehouse Live
October 7     Austin, TX     La Zona Rosa
October 9     Tempe, AZ     The Marquee
October 10     Anaheim, CA     House Of Blues
October 11     Los Angeles, CA     Music Box @ Fonda
October 13     San Francisco, CA     The Fillmore
October 15     Spokane, WA     Knitting Factory Concert House
October 16     Seattle, WA     Paramount Theatre


WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE> Sorry, friends. This is one band that I just cannot accurately describe for you. Listen to them Below

Sunny Day Real Estate- "Fool In the Photograph" from album-The Rising Tide (2000) Video

Me and the fool in the photograph
A soul many times revealed
The scars only have concealed

I wonder how many days Ill bleed
With the words I refuse to form
Now I will be free
But lately I refuse you

With these arms I will break through you
Wait only to see you far removed

No more the fool in the photograph
That night chained in your embrace
Day dawned and I saw your face

I wonder how many days Ill bleed
With the words I begin to form:
Now I will be free

Lately I refuse you
With these arms I will break through you
Wait only to see you far removed

Wasting time you tell the story still
Made your mind youre chasing the moon
Making scars among the glory
Still youre pulling down
Wasting time you tell the story
Some kind of magic
I've waited here all too long...

Sunny Day Real Estate DISCOGRAPHY:



How It Feels to Be Something On


The Rising Tide (iTunes Store)

Jeremy Enigk
Dan Hoerner
Nate Mendel
William Goldsmith

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